The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1260 - Dragon Dragon Dragon (3)

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Chapter 1260: Dragon Dragon Dragon (3)

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Just as everyone was filled with despair, the ancient dragon landed on an empty piece of land before them.

“We will meet our fate here…” One of the more sharp-eyed rulers spied a powerful-looking man standing upon that ancient dragon’s back and felt even more despondent.

Ji Fengyan turned to look in wonder at the despairing faces of the rulers.

She couldn’t help chuckling at their gloom, before walking straight towards the ancient dragon.


“Ji Fengyan!”

The congregation called out in alarm. They were all indebted to Ji Fengyan and could not let her face this dangerous situation alone. At that, everyone followed her.


“I will swallow your entire gold stash the next time you make me eat such weird things!” The mighty ancient dragon complained as he faced Ji Fengyan.

At that moment…

It stunned everyone.

The rulers looked like they had been struck by lightning, all frozen to their original spots.

Ji Fengyan looked at the whining ancient dragon in amusement. With a flying leap, she scurried onto its head and patted it as if coaxing a child. “It has been tough on you, there won’t be a next time.”

“Harrumph! You owe me at least 100 cases of gold!” The materialistic dragon continued to throw its tantrum.

“Alright, 100 cases of gold, plus another 100 cases of precious jewels. How does that sound?” Ji Fengyan placated.

The materialistic dragon’s eyes glowed at the mention of another 100 cases of precious jewels. It narrowed its eyes greedily. Although it maintained its arrogant front, its tail was already wagging in glee.

“You are the one who said it. Not one case less.”

“Um.” Having mollified the materialistic dragon, Ji Fengyan looked down at the rulers.

The expression on all their faces was… hard to describe.

“Queen… this ancient dragon is your… friend?” One of the rulers spoke out in a trembling voice.

This dragon was twice the size of the one which helped establish the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon!

“I guess you can say that.” Ji Fengyan smiled, but she didn’t forget to add. “It will bring us away from here. But you all heard that it has a small request, so…”

Ji Fengyan did not lack gold, but she didn’t have so many precious jewels. She did save all these rulers after all, so she might as well get some benefits from them in return.

“No problem, I… after I return to my kingdom, I will immediately have my men prepare 100 cases of gold and 100 cases of precious jewels,” That ruler promptly replied.

“I will also prepare that.”

“Me too…”

All the rulers instantly agreed.

Ji Fengyan really felt like laughing out loud. She had wanted them all to collectively offer up 100 cases of precious jewels, but they would now have more than a thousand cases. This materialistic dragon would be “bursting” from all that.

“That’s great. Everyone, please climb up.” Ji Fengyan smiled.

The rulers were all worldly people and quickly regained their composure. Nevertheless, after stepping onto the ancient dragon’s back, they still looked rather dazed, feeling as though they were still in a dream.

At the same time, they now had a deeper understanding of Ji Fengyan’s capabilities.

This queen was really something!

She could even call for an ancient dragon as and when she pleased!