The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1258 - Dragon Dragon Dragon (1)

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Chapter 1258: Dragon Dragon Dragon (1)

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Everyone agreed that Ji Fengyan’s plan was still going smoothly.

“But we must remain cautious. Although we are prepared, the situation with the demons is still not stable. They are now acting on their own accord, and will gather this time because of the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed. They will be difficult to control. Only the reappearance of the demon god can command their actions. The demon bones are now in the stomach of the ancient dragon. To resurrect the demon god, we need the Queen and the ancient dragon.” Linghe reminded.

They believed that their queen could handle the human troops, but she could not reason with the demons, unless they could produce the demon god.

The moment they got near the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed, regardless of whether they wished to battle, the demons would attack.

“I heard Fu Tu say that the demons already know that the Divine Temple was leading the various nations to destroy the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed,” Lu Shaoqing said. Fu Tu was that demon who was captured by Ji Fengyan in Ping City years ago. He had since been kept at the Moonset Valley to train the Wolf Smoke Regiment.

Fu Tu was a high-level demon and intelligent. He knew that he could never escape and so became very compliant. When the Wolf Smoke Regiment was transferred to Hua Xia, Fu Tu had gone along. When he saw Ji Fengyan, his legs started trembling in fright.

Nevertheless, after Ji Fengyan delivered the demon god’s message, Fu Tu had become cooperative. He was the first demon to collaborate with the humans and was now a powerful force in his own right within Hua Xia.

And because of Fu Tu’s status as a high-level demon, it was easier for him to obtain news regarding the demon side.

Just before they set off, Fu Tu heard from some demons near the mountains that according to several sources—the humans are intending to destroy the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed.

Such news had been intentionally leaked out by the Divine Temple, to give the demons time to react. They wanted the demons to gather at the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed and clash with the human army for one last battle to the death.

“It must be said that the Heavenly Fiend Clan’s plan is comprehensive. If not for Liu Huo, we would probably have never thought of these.” Linghe sighed softly.

“Let’s not think about the rest, and just do what we can now. Gong Zhiyu and company have completed their preparations and we cannot lag behind. Have our brothers get ready. If anything goes wrong with the resurrection of the demon god, we must battle the demons. If the demon god comes back to life…” Chi Tong narrowed his eyes.

“Then it will be the time for us to declare war against the Divine Temple.”

It was an unavoidable war. All living creatures in the world were being dragged into it. No one could be sure how many people could survive this battle, and which side would emerge the victor.

The success of this battle would not be for just one person or one kingdom, but for all races and the entire world!

If they lose, it would be a complete annihilation. There would be no one else to stop the Heavenly Fiend Clan’s plans.

If they win, only then could there be true peace.

Everyone sank into their own deep thoughts. After a while, they left to carry out their preparations for the coming battle.

At the same time, under the dark guard’s arrangements, Ji Fengyan had sneaked out of the capital city of Sa Er and arrived in the nearby wilderness.

A bunch of rulers who had just escaped death gazed at the capital city of Sa Er Emperor with lingering fear. They felt extremely conflicted.