The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1256 - The Gathering of the Armies (2)

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Chapter 1256: The Gathering of the Armies (2)

The commander from Hua Xia silently stood among the crowd, but the aura that he exuded made it difficult for anyone to ignore his presence. What made Xing Hun even more concerned was that…

On that person’s face, there was actually a mask.

“That is the commander of Hua Xia?” Suddenly, Xing Hun asked and his eyes looked straight at the person.

Hua Xia’s commander, who was being called out, walked out slowly from the crowd and bowed slightly to Xing Hun. “Yes, I am the commander of Hua Xia.” That voice sounded so hoarse that it did not seem like the voice of an ordinary person.

Xing Hun raised his brows slightly. He felt that this person’s gaze was familiar, but he could not recall.

“Why are you wearing a mask? As the commander of Hua Xia, if you appear with a mask, others could easily disguise themselves as you to control your army just by putting on the same mask?” Xing Hun had many suspicions. Unknowingly, he had a strange feeling about Hua Xia’s existence. Even though Hua Xia’s powers could not be compared to that of other kingdoms, Xing Hun could not neglect his concern for Hua Xia.

Previously, Ji Fengyan’s appearance and her financial capabilities had already made Xing Hun very shocked.

“I had been injured previously so my face is hideous and I’m worried about scaring the Divine Temple’s representative so I have specially put on this mask,” Hua Xia’s commander replied with no hesitation.

Before Xing Hun could open his mouth to speak, Long Yue who had followed along at the side looked indifferent and he directly said, “Commander of Hua Xia, I’m afraid that you may have belittled our Masters from the Divine Temple.”

Hua Xia’s commander looked at Long Yue. His gaze was so deep that it was difficult to tell any emotions.

This gaze made Long Yue feel cold, as if some ferocious beast had stared at him.

Before Long Yue could return to his senses, Hua Xia’s commander already kept his gaze. “If that’s the case, please forgive my disrespect.”

As he said that, he lifted his hand and removed the mask covering his face.

Under the mask, there was a face that was so hideous that it made people unable to look straight at it. Frightening scars were interspersed and there was no longer any flawless skin found on the face, as though flames had burnt it.

Long Yue did not expect his injuries to be that serious, and his expression turned unpleasant.

Xing Hun frowned slightly. After seeing the other party’s looks, he finally reprimanded Long Yue.

“Long Yue, don’t be disrespectful. We are here to collaborate to fight against the Demon Clan, looks don’t matter.” Xing Hun made his words sound pleasant, but the one who originally wanted Hua Xia’s commander to remove his mask was actually him.

Hua Xia’s commander said nothing else and quickly put his mask back on.

Xing Hun’s doubts stopped for a while and he turned to talk to the other commanders, informing them that the armies would act the next morning and they would approach the Demon Clan’s sacred place, where the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed was.

The Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed was the holy tree of the Demon Clan. Even though the Demon Clan already had their Demon King, if it concerned the safety of the Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed, all the demons would act and ensure that no one could harm it at all.

After hearing the instructions, all the commanders expressed their agreement and left after some reminders from Xing Hun.

And Hua Xia’s commander also left with them.

Only Long Yue was still staring at the back of Hua Xia’s commander with deep thoughts.