The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1255 - The Gathering of the Armies (1)

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Chapter 1255: The Gathering of the Armies (1)

When all the armies of over ten kingdoms all gathered together, the quantity was so great that it was so spectacular!

These kingdoms, even the smallest one, could easily deploy 20 to 30 thousands of soldiers and for a powerful kingdom like the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, their army could amount to more than a million. Taking into account their quantity as well, Kingdom of Mo Shi with the strongest army naturally had the most formidable military prowess as their army alone had up to three million soldiers!

Despite the enormous quantity, Mo Shi’s army was the most uniformed one among other kingdoms. Their three million soldiers were unified as one. What made other armies speechless was their ability to silently and swiftly set up their camp.

Mo Shi’s army was the greatest in quantity, whereas the kingdom with the smallest army size was Hua Xia.

Hua Xia had just been established, and it was originally known as Free Valley. Most of Hua Xia’s commoners were residents from the Free Valley, and another group of them were from the Wolf Smoke Regiment and their family members who came from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. In total, there were only tens of thousands of them. Among them, there were only ten thousand of them who could be considered soldiers, and most of them were the members of the Wolf Smoke Regiment.

Seeing the other armies having tens of thousands and even millions of soldiers, the ten thousand over soldiers in Hua Xia’s army were practically like ants that had fallen into a sea—their presence was so insignificant that no one could even sense it.

When the soldiers from the other armies walked past Hua Xia’s camp, they were all filled with curiosity about the seemingly “pathetic-looking” campsite. After asking around, they then found out that that was Hua Xia’s army. Even though many armies were surprised, none of them would step forward to gossip about it and merely looked at it.

The soldiers from various kingdoms had all arrived and they were waiting for the representative from the Divine Temple.

At this moment, Xing Hun and Long Yue also settled down the army from Sa Er and met with the various kingdoms’ armies.

Besides Xing Hun, the Divine Temple had also sent out thousands of people. They were all wearing white clothes and had a graceful and holy aura as they rode on their horses. Before they had reached the center of the campsite, the news of their arrival had already reached all the armies, and all their commanders were prepared to welcome them.

But the appearance of one commander made all the kingdoms stunned.

The one wearing the armour of the commander for the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was actually a young and beautiful lady!

With her brows looking stern and a body of armour, Lei Qin looked even more dashing despite her slender figure. Among the group of old commanders, the appearance of such a young lady really took everyone by surprise.

Lei Qin also did not know why she had been chosen as the commander of Sacred Dragon’s army.

She was only a sorcerer. Even though she had already entered the army and had used the statue of the Lei family to become a commander, the responsibility of leading millions of soldiers was something she had never thought of.


The worsening plight of Sacred Dragon during this period had already attracted much discussion by other kingdoms. Even though Lei Qin was not confident, she would definitely not lose face for the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon in front of all the other kingdoms.

She raised her chin high and walked towards where everyone had gathered.

In the center of the camp, all the commanders had already gathered. Before them was the representative of the Divine Temple, with Xing Hun in the crowd’s lead and Prince Long Yue among them.

“My greetings to Grand Tutor Xing Hun.” All the commanders paid their respects to Xing Hun in an orderly fashion.

Xing Hun lifted his head slightly and he glanced at all the commanders. When he saw the man who was wearing the armour belonging to Hua Xia, a flash was seen in his eyes.