The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1254 - The Ambition Of A Wolf (3)

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Chapter 1254: The Ambition Of A Wolf (3)

The instant the green smoke sank into them, the prison guards seemed to lose their souls. They stood motionless at their original spot. Their eyes lost their usual gleam, and their faces were completely expressionless.

Ji Fengyan touched them with her finger, and they immediately recovered. It was just that when they looked at Ji Fengyan, their expression did not show any terror, but an almost instinctive compliance.


Ji Fengyan smiled. She ignored the prison guards she controlled and walked right out of the cell. She looked at the rulers that had been carried out, and who now lay all over the floor. She could not help but smile. She waved her hand. Vital energy immediately flowed out of her palm and sank into each ruler’s chest.

The originally lifeless rulers now suddenly sat up. They were gasping for breath and looked as lively as could be. They did not look at all like they were on the brink of death.

“Hurry and tidy up. We need to continue with the next part of the plan.” Ji Fengyan spoke smilingly.

The rulers that were “bleeding from every orifice” looked like they were in a sorry state. They could not help but laugh as they shook their heads. They never expected to cheat death and escape.

If not for Ji Fengyan guaranteeing that no harm would come to them, would they have dared to eat the poisoned food?

The few who were still locked in were also released by the prison guards. Everyone gathered by Ji Fengyan’s side.

“If we leave like that, won’t Xing Hun and Long Yue notice?” The Sa Er Emperor spoke rather worriedly.

Ji Fengyan laughed softly. She took out a handful of beans from the Space Soul Jade and scattered them on the floor. The beans slowly transformed into humanoid vines in front of everyone.

Ji Fengyan bit her fingertip and dripped her blood on the humanoid vine’s chests. The humanoid vines transformed into the likeness of Ji Fengyan and the others. Even the part about them bleeding from every orifice was done perfectly.

“Take them out and deal with them.” Ji Fengyan pointed at the prison guards.

The prison guards dragged the disguised humanoid vines away, as if they had noticed nothing.

This scene stunned all the rulers. They were completely in awe of Ji Fengyan’s almost god-like powers.

After solving the problem, Ji Fengyan immediately led the rulers and swaggered out of the dungeon.

The rulers, who had been worried that someone would notice them, now realized that the soldiers that brushed past them did not even realize they existed. They immediately calmed down…

The prison guards used a cart to drag the humanoid vines to the backyard of the Sa Er palace and buried them under Long Yue’s eye.

It was as if from that moment on, Long Yue’s ambition reached its peak. It was as if he could envision the glorious moment he dominated the world with the support of the Divine Temple, after the bloodbath between the armies of the various countries and the Demon Clan.

At the same time, Ji Fengyan had already led the exhausted rulers and swaggered out of the primary entrance of the Sa Er palace. She met up with the dark guard, who was waiting outside to receive them.

There was a massive movement of troops worldwide. Every nation was abuzz internally, but no concrete news leaked out.

More and more troops were concentrated at the borders of the Kingdom of Sa Er. This move made the citizens at the borders of the Kingdom of Sa Er very uneasy. Fortunately, not long after that, news from the capital informed them that there was a gathering of every country’s army to counter the demons. This news made the citizens of the Kingdom of Sa Er rejoice. Once again, they were grateful to the Divine Temple for acting. Little did they know that the Divine Temple, that they thought of as powerful and venerable, was as savagely ambitious as a wolf.