The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1253 - Burning With Ambition (2)

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Chapter 1253: Burning With Ambition (2)

That night, they sent food to the dungeons. The previously lofty rulers were now all reduced to being prisoners. They had been locked in a dark dungeon for several days.

The Divine Temple no longer cared about what they thought. Their direct methods showed that they had burnt their bridges.

Long Xi, who remained disguised as the Sacred Dragon Emperor, was locked into the cell facing Ji Fengyan. As he watched the prison guards, bring the food and leave, Long Xi did not hurry to touch his share of food. Instead, he walked straight to the side of the cell, and looked at Ji Fengyan, who was opposite him.

Ji Fengyan seemed to sense Long Xi’s movements. She slowly lifted her eyes and flashed a faint smile at Long Xi. Then she glanced at her dinner, and her lips curved in a trace of an impersonal smile.

“Looks like the Divine Temple has decided to kill.”

Ji Fengyan’s voice was loud, loud enough for all the rulers shut in the dungeon to hear clearly. Everyone’s heart suddenly sank.

However, they were already used to today’s situation. Every time Ji Fengyan spoke, she acted as if there was no one around. She was not the least bit afraid of being overheard by the prison guards. After some time, the rulers also noticed that no matter what Ji Fengyan said, as long as she was speaking, no sound would reach the prison guards’ ears.

“Queen, what should we do now?” A ruler asked.

Ji Fengyan smiled and said, “Since they have prepared such a ‘delicious’ meal, how can we disappoint them? Everyone should just enjoy the meal.”

The dungeon was completely silent. No one replied. However, after Ji Fengyan spoke, all the rulers seemed prepared. They took up the food before them, took a deep breath, then forced themselves to swallow the rice that held death.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Long Xi. The two of them started eating in unison.

In the darkness, the only sound that could be heard in the cells was chewing. The silence was hair-raising.

The prison guards who had brought the food felt chilled. Their hearts thumped wildly.


A crisp sound rang out from the cells. Tragic screams rose and fell from within.

The prison guards went white. They raised their eyes and looked at Long Yue, who was standing at the dungeon entrance.

When Long Yue heard the rulers’ last cries, a cruel and malicious smile appeared on his handsome face.

“Get rid of all the bodies before daybreak.” Long Yue spat out these words, then turned to leave the dungeon.

Tomorrow, he would be the only king in the world!

After Long Yue left, the ashen prison guards braced themselves and walked into the depths of the dungeon that was saturated with death. They saw that one of the rulers who was locked in the dungeon had collapsed to the ground, bleeding from every orifice. Their expressions turned ugly at the thick scent of blood.

Feeling conflicted and horrified, they opened the cell door and carried the body out. Then they opened the cells, one by one, and moved the rulers’ bodies out.

When they opened the cell that Ji Fengyan was in, their senses were almost numb. Just as they were about to reach out and drag out Ji Fengyan’s “body”!

Ji Fengyan, whose eyes had been tightly closed, suddenly opened her eyes.

The prison guards suddenly screamed. They were so frightened they collapsed onto the ground.

Ji Fengyan stood up. She looked at the prison guards smilingly, her lips curved in an eerie arch. Without waiting for the prison guards to collect their wits, the talismans in Ji Fengyan’s hands suddenly flew outwards. The talismans stuck to their chests. Green smoke immediately arose, and the talismans stuck to the prison guards’ chest began to burn. In a moment, they were transformed into green smoke that sank into their bodies!