The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1252 - Burning With Ambition (1)

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Chapter 1252: Burning With Ambition (1)

Xing Hun’s emotions were rather complicated…

Long Yue looked in surprise at all the rulers present, but could not detect anything unusual.

The two of them exchanged glances. Clearly they had noticed nothing wrong. They had no choice but to temporarily believe in this miracle.

With the letters in hand, he had the power to move all the troops in the world. Further, these rulers would be temporarily imprisoned, to ensure that no mishap would occur before they were dealt with.

Everyone, including the Sa Er Emperor, was imprisoned in an underground dungeon by the people from the Divine Temple.

However, once they received the letters, Xing Hun and Long Yue immediately began the next step of their plan. They needed to move the armies of each country as quickly as possible, so that the battle between humans and demons would begin within the shortest possible time. This would accomplish the Heavenly Fiend Clan’s plan.

However, amidst their rejoicing, they did not notice that under the cover of night, ten or so paper cranes quietly flew out of the dungeon window. They vanished into the darkness, flying in all directions.

The different countries were varying distances from the Kingdom of Sa Er, so the letters arrived at different times.

In the Heavenly Courts, Chi Tong, who was just talking to Duanmu Hongru, suddenly saw a paper crane fly to the table in front of him. His eyes brightened, and he immediately reached out to pick up the paper crane. He swiftly unfolded it and rapidly absorbed the contents of the letter.

“Has the queen sent news?” Duanmu Hongru’s eyes also brightened when he saw the magical paper crane.

Except for Ji Fengyan, no one else in the world had the ability to control these paper cranes.

Chi Tong nodded slightly.

“Quickly ask Brother Ling and Gong Zhiyu over. The Queen has instructions.”

At the same time, a magical paper crane appeared in the hands of the important officials in every country.

A few days after the paper cranes arrived, each country successively received a personally written letter from their ruler, which was sent from the Kingdom of Sa Er. Each country at once acted as quickly as possible and swiftly gathered their troops.

News of this quickly reached Xing Hun. Every country’s reaction proved that the rulers had not played any tricks in their letters. With that, Xing Hun relaxed completely.

When Long Yue read the news, his expression became correspondingly eager. A trace of viciousness flashed across his eyes. He said in Xing Hun’s ear, “Lord Xing Hun. The armies of every country are now within our control. Is it true that there is no value in these rulers surviving any longer?”

Xing Hun turned his gaze slightly and looked at Long Yue, who was burning with ambition.

The armies of every country would certainly be spent in this battle. Further, each country would have lost its army and could be said to be extremely vulnerable. Xing Hun had previously promised that after they completed the matter, he would hand the Kingdom of Sa Er over to Long Yue, and assist him in ascending the throne. However, Long Yue’s ambition was clearly not confined to this. He wanted not just the Kingdom of Sa Er, but to dominate the entire human race!

A trace of sharp laughter surfaced in Xing Hun’s heart. However, he did not show it, but blandly replied, “You are right. It is no longer necessary to keep them alive. Today, when their food is sent to them, allow them to eat their fill. A full ghost is better than a hungry ghost.”

When Long Yue heard Xing Hun’s words, he almost could not suppress the wild glee in his heart. He quickly acquiesced and without delay, sent men to arrange for the rulers of each country to be poisoned.

As Xing Hun watched Long Yue’s disappearing figure, his expression was filled with mocking, and a murderous intent.