The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1251 - You Are All Accomplices To Murder (3)

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Chapter 1251: You Are All Accomplices To Murder (3)

“I am still alive, all thanks to the Queen’s help…” Long Xi recounted Ji Fengyan’s identity-swapping scheme.

The scalps of all the rulers went numb after hearing his narration, not to mention the Sa Er Emperor.

No wonder…

No wonder the “Sacred Dragon Emperor” was suddenly so friendly with Ji Fengyan. He had already been killed off by Ji Fengyan a long time ago.

At this moment, the rulers all thanked their lucky stars that they had not fallen out too badly with Ji Fengyan. Otherwise, even ten of them would not be a match for her.

“It’s good that you are back. It’s good that you are back.” The Sa Er Emperor held onto Long Xi’s hand with an extremely emotional expression. He felt a wave of gratitude towards Ji Fengyan as a tremendous weight was lifted off his heart.

The congregation was also thrilled for the Sa Er Emperor. At the same time, they were speechless at Ji Fengyan’s capabilities.

So capable at such a young age.

The rulers all secretly promised themselves that if this threat was resolved, they would advise their own people to never provoke Ji Fengyan, and to get along harmoniously with the Kingdom of Hua Xia.

Otherwise, they would die and not even know why.

“Everyone calm down for the moment. We still need to deal with the Divine Temple. Only by getting rid of the Divine Temple can things truly be settled,” Ji Fengyan spoke up.

Ji Fengyan had already convinced the group. A bunch of rulers all over the age of 50 listened seriously to Ji Fengyan’s advice like obedient children.

They would not object to anything Ji Fengyan said now.

“Queen, will the Divine Temple overhear what we are discussing…” The Sa Er Emperor had regained his composure.

Ji Fengyan shook her head. Before she had spoken, she had already used her vital energy to block off the entire grand hall. Even if the Divine Temple had sent someone to spy on them, he would only observe a mirage created by her. He would notice nothing out of the ordinary.

The congregation felt more at ease after Ji Fengyan’s confirmation.

“What should we do now?” The Mo Shi Emperor asked.

A smile played upon Ji Fengyan’s lips. She curled one finger at the group of rulers, who all instinctively crowded over.

Who knew what Ji Fengyan whispered in their ears? The rulers suddenly all looked extremely shocked.

Half a day later, Xing Hun and Long Yue returned to the grand hall. They were well prepared for at least a few rulers to continue opposing them, but…

“Grand Tutor Xing Hun, we have thought through it carefully. We had been too selfish earlier, but we understand now. We will follow the Divine Temple’s decree. We have already completed the written orders that you wanted.” The Mo Shi Emperor was the first to rise and pass his written order to Xing Hun.

Following that, all the other rulers also handed over their orders.

Xing Hun, “…”

What the hell happened during that half a day’s time?

How did these stubborn old fellows suddenly see the light?

Long Yue was also befuddled. He did not expect things to turn out so smoothly.

Before they came to the grand hall, they had even specially questioned the guard, who said that those rulers had sat in there the entire time without speaking.


Why did they suddenly change their mind?

Xing Hun was worried that those written orders might be fake and opened one to look. But no matter how many times he read through it, he could find nothing suspicious in the contents of that order. Even if he had found another person to write a fake order, it would still read the same.