The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1250 - You Are All Accomplices To Murder (2)

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Chapter 1250: You Are All Accomplices To Murder (2)

For the sake of the current problem, Ji Fengyan didn’t speak too harshly. But no one at present was a fool. Ji Fengyan’s query had them thinking of their past ugly deeds.

At this moment, none of the rulers were standing proud.

They hated the Divine Temple’s deviousness, but failed to consider that they had committed similar crimes.

Those dead Terminators, those innocent pawns, those souls who had departed amid anguished agony… wasn’t it all of their doing?

Those Terminators who had fought for them to their last breath and their very last drop of blood—how could they have known that their bodies would be sent to the Ming Workshop after their death, to be used to nourish the World-Termination-Armour. And their children would have to take over the burden of that armour, and continue using it in an endless, vicious cycle.

All the rulers lowered their heads.

They were all accomplices to murder.

“Hua Xia Queen, we have knowingly committed a heinous sin and cannot be forgiven. After this matter has been resolved, if I am still alive and my kingdom still surviving, I will abdicate my throne. I just hope that if you have any solution to this, please offer it to save the citizens of our countries.” The Mo Shi Emperor had remained deep in thought for a lengthy period before being the first to stand up and speak.

The Heavenly Fiend Clan’s plan had been revealed, and there was no way they could just sit back and watch it unfold. By then, the entire human race would suffer a catastrophic blow.

“I will also abdicate my throne.” The Sa Er Emperor was the next to speak. His haggard face held traces of bitterness and frustration. “My hands have already been stained beyond redemption while sitting upon this throne. My major regret is my innocent Long Xi… Long Yue has already died and the current one is just an impostor from the Divine Temple. I only have two sons and they have both been killed by the Divine Temple. When I retire, I will relinquish my crown to my daughter. I hope she will be as strong and wise as you.”

The moment the Sa Er Emperor finished his speech, Ji Fengyan looked towards Long Xi, who was still disguised as the Sacred Dragon Emperor.

As expected, Long Xi’s eyes had turned red at the Sa Er Emperor’s words.

Ji Fengyan patted Long Xi’s shoulder and nodded at him.

Long Xi clenched his fists and suddenly stood up. He walked towards the Sa Er Emperor.

At the same time, Ji Fengyan discreetly drew back the vital energy, which she had surrounded him with to maintain his disguise.

The Sa Er Emperor was still rather surprised at why the Sacred Dragon Emperor was suddenly heading towards him.

But the moment he saw the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s old features gradually transform until it turned back into that young and familiar face, the Sa Er Emperor collapsed on the floor with a pale face.

“Father! I am fine! I am still alive.” Long Xi knelt before the Sa Er Emperor, his eyes red with emotion.

The Sa Er Emperor’s hands were trembling. He stared incredulously at his “resurrected” Long Xi. He could hardly believe his own eyes.

“Long Xi… you… you are still alive?” The Sa Er Emperor clutched at Long Xi’s shoulders with a fierce grip. Feeling the warmth under his hands, he knew that this was not just a dream.

It also stunned the other rulers. They had previously received news that Sa Er had executed the crown prince Long Xi for plotting to murder Grand Tutor Xing Hun. But now… Long Xi had appeared safe and sound right before their eyes!