The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1247 - The Duty Of A Ruler (2)

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Chapter 1247: The Duty Of A Ruler (2)

Despite the threat of death, they were completely unwilling to submit to the Divine Temple. No matter how despicably they had behaved, they had assumed the rightful duty of a ruler at this moment. Under no circumstances were they willing to betray their own kingdom.

Ji Fengyan took a deep breath. She noticed one of the angry-looking rulers was just about to rise up, and she quickly stood up first.

“Everyone, Grand Tutor Xing Hun’s words are not completely unreasonable.”

The rulers, who had been so enraged by Xing Hun’s tactics, all looked in astonishment towards the source of that statement.

They were all stunned by what they saw.

The only one who had stood up to defend the Divine Temple was Ji Fengyan!

“Ji Fengyan! What are you saying!” One ruler shivered with rage. He couldn’t believe that Ji Fengyan, as a ruler herself, would actually approve of the Divine Temple’s methods!

Xing Hun also did not expect Ji Fengyan to suddenly stand on the side of the Divine Temple. He looked rather amazed.

Ji Fengyan smiled. “Everyone here is a ruler of a kingdom and the Divine Temple is also doing this for our own good. Although their methods might be radical, their intentions are good. Why don’t we all calm down and think carefully over this?”

The more Ji Fengyan said, the more angry those rulers became.

Some were even on the verge of standing up to challenge her. However, the Mo Shi Emperor’s gaze shifted after hearing Ji Fengyan’s speech and he also rose. “Ji Fengyan’s words have some logic to them. It is just difficult for everyone to accept this in such brief notice. Could the Divine Temple give us some time to think over this?”

Xing Hun raised his brows slightly, but eventually breathed out.

“All right, but I will only give you half a day’s time. Everyone, please have a good think about this in the hall.”

Although the Divine Temple could make use of their special ways to bewitch the kingdoms into mobilizing their armies, nothing would be more persuasive than having the ruler write the orders. And Xing Hun did not wish to kill off all the rulers if he had the choice.

At least, not before they provide their written orders…

“Many thanks.” The Mo Shi Emperor nodded.

Xing Hun left with Long Yue to give the congregation some time to mull things over.

Anyway, the grand hall was already locked in. There was no way those rulers could escape.

A deadly silence descended upon the grand hall after Xing Hun and company left. Everyone was well aware that even though Xing Hun was not around, they must be secretly eavesdropping on them.

Everyone looked angrily towards the Sa Er Emperor and Ji Fengyan.

The former was the ruler of the territory where the Divine Temple had planned this all, while the latter was the only person defending the Divine Temple’s plans.

“Ji Fengyan, you are really the good Queen of Hua Xia. I wonder how your citizens will react if they knew how easily you betrayed them.” One ruler couldn’t resist making a sarcastic remark.

Ji Fengyan just chuckled but didn’t respond. She suddenly twitched her finger and an undetectable energy swirled out of her fingertips and drifted into the surrounding air.

In the next second, Ji Fengyan finally spoke.

“If I had not spoken out earlier, I wonder how many of you would have voiced your objections to the Divine Temple’s plan?”

Everyone harrumphed at Ji Fengyan’s question.

“I may not be a great leader, but I will never become a fatuous ruler who harms his own citizens!” One of the rulers said coldly.