The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1246 - The Duty Of A Ruler (1)

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Chapter 1246: The Duty Of A Ruler (1)

“As long as everyone here follows my instructions and sends word back to their own kingdom, they will remain as valued guests of the Divine Temple,” Xing Hun said with a smile. The ugliness of the Divine Temple was finally revealed at this moment.

The faces of everyone were completely grim. They had put too much faith in the Divine Temple and never thought them capable of such a thing.

At this point, the crowd finally came to their senses and realized the audacity of the Divine Temple. They dared to place all the rulers under house arrest to seize control of their military forces.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. She had already known the Divine Temple had something up their sleeves, but… she never expected them to act with such impudence.

“Queen… this… what’s happening? The Divine Temple…” Mai Ya’s face had turned pale at the situation. She had just ascended the throne and never thought that she would encounter such a scenario. Her eyes were rimmed red with anxiety.

In her heart, the venerability of the Divine Temple was beyond any doubt. But the scene unfolding before her eyes had completely smashed all her prior notions…

Ji Fengyan calmly clasped Mai Ya’s shaking hands. She said in an inaudible voice, “Don’t be afraid. You have me.”

Mai Ya looked at Ji Fengyan with her red-rimmed eyes. Her panicked heart calmed down a little at Ji Fengyan’s reassurance. Somehow, she felt that Ji Fengyan knew about all this beforehand.

After Ji Fengyan comforted Mai Ya, she exchanged a look with Long Xi.

“The Divine Temple is prepared to fall out with everyone. They would force the rulers to write back to their kingdoms now.” Long Xi frowned deeply.

Ji Fengyan nodded.

At this moment, the heavily injured ruler struggled to get up. He pointed one hand at Xing Hun. “The Divine Temple has gone too far! I will never obey your command!”

Who knew what the Divine Temple would do with their military forces. They would never hand over the safety of their own kingdoms to the Divine Temple.

Xing Hun chuckled, but didn’t offer a reply. He just threw a glance at Long Yue.

In the next second, Long Yue suddenly charged towards that ruler. A harsh light flashed and a bloody slit appeared on that ruler’s neck. Fresh blood sprayed from that wound as that pale-faced ruler clutched at his throat. However, he was unable to stem the gushing blood, and his battered body slid back down to the floor. Even in death, he could hardly believe that Long Yue would actually kill him!

“This is the consequence of defying the Divine Temple.” Long Yue flashed his short dagger before the eyes of the crowd. It was still stained with blood.

At that, the rulers’ last strand of hope perished. But they remained silent and just clenched their fists with solemn faces. They stared at Xing Hun with eyes filled with hatred and frustration.

The aura of death gradually spread across the grand hall.

Ji Fengyan wrinkled her brows slightly.

These rulers had trusted the Divine Temple blindly. They all held selfish motives which were utterly contemptible, but… looking at the last moments of that dead ruler, who had sacrificed his life rather than betray his kingdom—just that point alone was enough to earn Ji Fengyan’s respect.

This was the rightful duty of a ruler!

Ji Fengyan observed the changes in the expressions of the rulers in the grand hall. What was most astonishing to her was that while some looked angry and others looked shocked—none of them displayed the slightest ounce of fear.