The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1245 - Who Benefits (3)

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Chapter 1245: Who Benefits (3)

The rulers of the various countries were in an uproar as they discussed it amongst themselves. Clearly, they could not believe the Divine Temple’s absurd suggestion.

“Lord Xing Hun, we can send out sufficient troops. But if we were to dispatch all our troops, then the security of our own countries would become a serious problem. What do you think if…” Some rulers braced themselves to speak.

Xing Hun only blandly swept a glance at them, then looked away. He looked at the crowd and said, “The welfare of the world is everyone’s responsibility. As the rulers of various countries, how can you sacrifice the safety of the world for present gain? We must be victorious in this battle. Failure is not an option. Even a single additional soldier will increase our chances of victory by a little.”

This meant that Xing Hun was rejecting the suggestion of the rulers.

The rulers could not defend themselves. They had previously blindly supported the Divine Temple’s scheme. But now, the Divine Temple’s drastic measures crushed their hearts.

Who knew whether this battle with the Demon Clan would succeed. If news leaked out, and the Demon Clan divided their forces to fight, would that not mean that their countries would be exterminated?

With their own survival at stake, the rulers of the various countries could not bear it any longer. All their smiles disappeared, and all of them looked at Xing Hun resentfully…

“Lord Xing Hun, we will follow to the Divine Temple’s suggestion, but we cannot follow your instructions. We must give thought to the safety of our own people.” A forthright and unyielding ruler could not help but speak. Then he stood and said, “I will keep to our agreement and dispatch all the troops possible. That will be the most that my country can give. I bid you farewell.”

As this ruler spoke, he walked towards the exit of the grand hall. The expressions of the other rulers showed their hesitation. Clearly, everyone present had no interest in following the Divine Temple’s instructions.


The moment the ruler reached the entrance of the grand hall, the doors that had been wide open shut instantly. A figure suddenly appeared in everyone’s line of vision. Before the ruler could react, he felt an agonizing pain in his back. He was sent flying towards the tightly shut hall doors. Fresh blood suddenly spurted from his mouth.

The person who had struck was no other than Long Yue, who had been standing next to Xing Hun.

At that moment, Long Yue was standing next to the ruler who had collapsed to the ground while vomiting blood. The hem of his robe was still stained with blood. A hair-raising cold smile flashed on his pale face.

“How can you be so selfish in the face of a righteous cause? I am afraid that this ruler cannot uphold righteousness for the world.”

With that, Long Yue’s gaze swept across the grand hall.

No one had expected that Long Yue, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Sa Er, would strike the ruler of another country.

Long Yue’s words caused their faces to turn even paler.

The doors of the hall were tightly locked. There was no way to escape from this grand hall.

Everyone was shut into the grand hall.

“Lord Xing Hun, what is the meaning of this?” The Mo Shi Emperor, who had remained silent so far, suddenly stood up. He frowned faintly as he looked at Xing Hun.

Xing Hun smiled faintly and said, “My only desire is that everyone can lend their strength to achieve world peace.”

Lend their strength? They were clearly being coerced to cooperate!

The Mo Shi Emperor’s expression was extremely ugly. If he could not discern the Divine Temple’s plan by now, then he had lived in vain!