The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1244 - Who Benefits (2)

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Chapter 1244: Who Benefits (2)

Xing Hun observed all the rulers’ reactions. At that moment, the malice in his eyes deepened.

He knew better than anyone what the rulers of the various countries were thinking.

Although on the surface, all the countries prostrated themselves before the power of the Divine Temple, they were correspondingly unwilling to sincerely admit that a power that exceeded their imperial mandate existed.

The moment they removed the threat of the Demon Clan, the very first thing the rulers of the various countries would probably do was to make a clean break with the Divine Temple. In addition, the Terminators would become like discarded pawns.

Although the Terminators were currently citizens within their own countries, they owed their lives to the Divine Temple. The rulers would definitely not allow any power that had any relationship with the Divine Temple to remain within their countries.

How ugly humanity was….

Xing Hun inwardly laughed coldly, although he superficially maintained the demeanor of an exalted immortal.

The rulers did not notice Xing Hun’s strange expression. Only the Sa Er Emperor, who was standing next to Xing Hun, saw everything. Buried deep in his eyes were hopelessness and desolation—and also pity for the other rulers.

A bunch of stupid people who did not know a nightmare was about to descend on them!

“Does everyone agree to eradicate the Demon Clan, together with the Divine Temple?” Xing Hun spoke again.

The moment his question left his mouth, the rulers who were already full of anticipation immediately nodded vigorously.

“The Divine Temple cares for all the common people in the world. We will submit to the Divine Temple’s arrangements.”

“We will work with the Divine Temple to counter the Demon Clan.”

The promises flowed like water. Not a single ruler questioned Xing Hun’s suggestion.


“Since everyone is so supportive of this move, then can I trouble everyone to send a letter back to their countries to command that all the troops be urgently dispatched to the borders of the Kingdom of Sa Er.” Xing Hun smiled as he spoke.

The moment Xing Hun’s words were uttered, the facial expressions of the originally enthusiastic emperors changed immediately.

One of the ruler’s smiles was still frozen on his lips, when suspicion showed in his eyes. He tentatively asked, “Grand Tutor Xing Hun, when you say all the troops…”

This ruler’s question perfectly represented the thoughts of everyone present. If the Divine Temple only wanted them to send their armies to take part in the battle, they would naturally be happy to do so. But just now, Xing Hun had used the words “all the troops”, which made everyone uneasy.

Xing Hun looked at the ruler who had spoken. “It is as I said. This attack against the Demon Clan concerns everyone under heaven. In order to ensure we will be victorious, all the soldiers in the various countries must participate, including the troops garrisoned at the borders of each country and in each city, as well as all the imperial guards in the various capital cities.”

Xing Hun’s words struck the hearts of the rulers like a bolt of lightning. They seemed to be shocked out of their wits. They gaped as they looked at Xing Hun, who had made this shocking statement.

All the troops? The garrisoned troops and the imperial troops were all to be dispatched? What… kind of joke was this!

Now the rulers of the various countries could not smile.

Based on what Xing Hun had said, the various countries would activate all their military might. That also meant that each country would be completely unguarded. If even a small troop of demons slipped in, the attack would devastate the countries that had lost the protection of their armies!

Further, the imperial troops in the capital cities were the last defense of imperial power in every country. It was impossible to dispatch them!