The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1243 - Who Benefits (1)

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Chapter 1243: Who Benefits (1)

Xing Hun’s words shocked all the rulers of the various countries. They had hurried to the Kingdom of Sa Er because of the Divine Temple’s attitude. After all, the Demon Clan had been just too active recently, and each country had been hard pressed to hold out. Although they could withstand the vigorous attacks of the demons, the various countries’ strength had been greatly sapped.

Under these circumstances, everyone hoped that a savior would appear to remove the danger to their countries.

For many years, the Divine Temple had been the spiritual leader of the various countries, leading them in their fight against the Demon Clan. The various countries urgently needed the Divine Temple to clarify its position.

Almost at the same instant, all the rulers in the grand hall focused their gaze on Xing Hun. They were waiting, waiting for the Divine Temple to save them once again from their difficulties.

Under everyone’s expectant gaze, an almost indiscernible icy look flashed across Xing Hun’s eyes. He continued to speak. “For thousands of years, the Demon Clan has harassed us without pause. To counter the Demon Clan, the Divine Temple has made use of the World-Termination-Armour and cultivated batch after batch of Terminators for the various countries. It was also the Terminators’ existence that has provided us with the power to counter the Demon Clan. However… the current situation is worse than ever.”

“The recent unrest among the demons has caused the various countries much suffering. It is time to end this war that has spanned thousands of years. So this time, the Divine Temple has declared a divine war on all the demons in the world. Together with the various countries, we will extinguish the Demon Clan from this world and restore peace to the world.”

Xing Hun’s fervent speech caused the rulers of the various countries to cheer. They had been waiting for this decision from the Divine Temple.

Although humans had temporarily withstood the Demon Clan’s attacks for many years, the continual harassment by the Demon Clan had significantly slowed down the development of the various countries. Every year, they spent exorbitant sums on the military to counter the Demon Clan, and this had caused the various countries much suffering.

Once the Demon Clan was eradicated, part of the money sunk into the military could be diverted to building up the strength of each country.

Almost no one protested against Xing Hun’s suggestion. To them, a war led by the Divine Temple would most likely succeed.

The moment the various rulers thought of a future without demon attacks, they all felt an upsurge of emotion.

However, there was still one more point that mattered even more to them.

And that was the existence of the Terminators and the Grand Tutors.

In order to withstand the Demon Clan, and to allow the Terminators to do their best to counter the Demon Clan, the various countries had been forced to give the Terminators sufficient wealth and privileges, so that they would spend their lives serving their countries to their utmost.

However, it was exactly because they had given the Terminators too many privileges, that their status had surpassed even that of the nobles and the royal family. This had caused much unhappiness among the rich and powerful.

If the Demon Clan no longer existed, then the Terminators would naturally not be as indispensable as they were today. Further, the Grand Tutors that commanded the Terminators had always been a thorn in the side of the various rulers.

There was no ruler who did not wish to control his entire country. However, the existence of the Grand Tutors restrained their grasp of power.

The Grand Tutors were from the Divine Temple. To curry favor with the Divine Temple, the rulers had no choice but to politely comply with them. However, this had caused resentment among the rulers who wished to reign supreme. The Divine Temple’s current suggestion would remove all their major worries in one move. Why would they not support it?