The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1242 - Sensational (3)

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Chapter 1242: Sensational (3)

No one would ever think that the Divine Temple was behind the immense pain and suffering brought about by the demon violence. The Divine Temple made use of the demons’ existence to continuously augment their position within the human world. The various kingdoms had no choice but to hold the Divine Temple in the highest regard, to achieve more World-Termination-Armour.

It must be said that the Divine Temple had perfected the art of stirring up public sentiment.

Ji Fengyan knew of all the locations where the demon god’s bones were hidden. And none of the locations were in the Kingdom of Chang Xiang. Since its establishment, Chang Xiang only suffered demon attacks now and then, and mostly by scattered demon gangs. A full demon army had never attacked them, otherwise, the small kingdom of Chang Xiang would never have been able to survive for so many years.

However, such an insignificant country had been suddenly swallowed by a massive demon army. All that… sounded rather unbelievable.

Suddenly, a startling insight surfaced in Ji Fengyan’s mind. She tightened her grip on her cup, causing cracks to appear.

Long Xi noticed Ji Fengyan’s peculiar reaction and hurriedly asked in an indistinct voice, “What’s the matter?”

Ji Fengyan gave an impersonal smile as intense hatred seeped into her eyes.

“It was not demons who destroyed the Kingdom of Chang Xiang.”

Long Xi was slightly taken aback. He wanted to ask her something, but Ji Fengyan had already lowered her eyes and didn’t look like she wanted to say anything more.

With her head lowered, Ji Fengyan stared at the wine sipping out of the cracks of her cup. Drops of it had already stained her sleeves.

To incite the greatest war between humans and demons, the Divine Temple had to have a trigger. Nothing would bring more fear to the rulers than the annihilation of an entire kingdom.

Chang Xiang was just a remote little kingdom with no neighboring countries. As a result, no one would suspect Xing Hun’s words, and no one would go and investigate if Chang Xiang’s destruction was truly orchestrated by the demons…

But probably… the annihilation of Chang Xiang was not because of demons at all, but caused by the highly revered Divine Temple!

Only this would incite enough fear within the hearts of the rulers.

The lives of 200,000 people so wantonly wiped off the face of this earth just for a thrill. Ji Fengyan’s hatred for the Divine Temple and the Heavenly Fiend Clan had reached a peak.

But no one noticed her rage, nor the truth behind everything. The various rulers were immersed in their own panic.

“The demons were so vicious? Grand Tutor Xing Hun, you must help us convince the Divine Temple to take action and subdue the demon threat!” One ruler couldn’t contain his fear and implored after Xing Hun.

“Demon activity has increased recently, and the borders of my kingdom are under immense pressure. I beg the Divine Temple to help!” One by one, the rulers stood up and kowtowed. They were mostly the leaders of small nations with limited powers and had been scared witless by the tale of Chang Xiang’s demise.

On the other hand, a few of the rulers of the more powerful kingdoms frowned while deep in thought.

A hint of satisfaction surfaced in Xing Hun’s eyes as he observed the crowd’s reactions. After exchanging a glance with Long Yue, he spoke in a righteous tone,

“Please don’t worry. I have invited everyone here to discuss how to handle the demon situation. The demons are evil and have caused untold harm to humankind. It is time for us to settle things with them once and for all.”