The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1236 - Joy and Harmony (2)

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Chapter 1236: Joy and Harmony (2)

They had originally thought that the Sacred Dragon Emperor would fight with Ji Fengyan after entering for a short period of time, but who knew that after the Sacred Dragon Emperor entered, there was no sound at all. All of them outside were merely feeding the mosquitoes while standing in a daze!

They had finally waited until the Sacred Dragon Emperor had left, but when they took a look…


They looked energised and did not look like they had had a fight. Instead, they looked like they had a delightful meal!

What was with this situation?

The Sacred Dragon Emperor and Ji Fengyan actually did not fight?

All of them were originally waiting to bring back home the news of both of them fighting till they were bleeding badly, yet they could only stare in disbelief as the Sacred Dragon Emperor walked out of the temporary residence for Hua Xia with his people in a energised manner. They had even seen the Great Empress of Hua Xia Ji Fengyan smile and send them to the door.

The world had become a fantasy…

All the rulers were disappointed that they could not watch a good show. Long Yue also heard the news of the Sacred Dragon Emperor visiting Ji Fengyan. Just like the others, when he did not hear about the outcome he had expected, he also felt lost. But with the bigger picture in mind, he did not forget Xing Hun’s reminder, so he did not dare to show his true thoughts on his face.

After night fell, Ji Fengyan was sitting by the table and drinking some wine.

Suddenly, a powerful pair of arms pulled her into a warm hug.

There was a familiar scent entering her nose, allowing Ji Fengyan to know who it was even without having to turn around.

She leaned backwards with no guards up and leaned on a warm and broad chest. With her hands holding the tasty wine up, she asked, “Are you not going to join me for a drink?”

Liu Huo narrowed his eyes and looked at the wine cup raised to his eye level. Saying nothing else, he drank the entire cup of wine while Ji Fengyan laughed.

“Why? The Divine Temple had let you out today?” Ji Fengyan laughed softly and asked. During this time, Liu Huo had stayed in the Kingdom of Sa Er with the identity of Xing Lou, but ever since Ji Fengyan was “invited” out of the Grand Tutor’s residence, the number of times that they could meet had become rarer.

Now the capital city of Sa Er was completely controlled by the Divine Temple, and there were their spies almost everywhere.

To prevent himself from exposing his relationship with Ji Fengyan, he also hid himself.

“Tomorrow I will have to return to the Divine Temple,” Liu Huo whispered into Ji Fengyan’s ears.

Ji Fengyan felt her heart jump suddenly.

The following day was the time that the Divine Temple had gathered all the kingdoms for a discussion. By that time, the Divine Temple’s attention would all be on the Kingdom of Sa Er and would definitely lower their defenses at their main location. By choosing to return at that time, Liu Huo must have already prepared to make the ends.

Ji Fengyan looked down and slowly put down the wine cup in her hand. She turned around, cupped Liu Huo’s beautiful face between her hands and scanned his face slowly.

“No matter what you encounter, your life is more important. Promise me… don’t make me become a widow.” Liu Huo was slightly stunned, then his lips curled into a slight grin and he hugged Ji Fengyan tightly in his arms.

“For you, I will try my best to protect my life.”

Ji Fengyan silently leaned against Liu Huo’s chest and enjoyed the final moments of warmth.

Once they bid farewell the next day, it would be a dangerous situation for him.

Liu Huo’s confrontation against the rebels of the Heavenly Fiend Clan was about to happen anytime, yet Ji Fengyan had to stay in the Kingdom of Sa Er to protect the last hope between humans and the Demon Clan.

Whether it was life or death, success or defeat, they would decide it in two days’ time…