The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1229 - A Heavy Cloud Of Suspicion (1)

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Chapter 1229: A Heavy Cloud Of Suspicion (1)

Rapidly, Wei Xu’s loss spread to the ears of the rulers of the various nations.

Those rulers were all stupefied by the news.

They had thought it would be a sure-win for the Kingdom of Mo Shi. And the moment that happened, they could all jump on the bandwagon and demand the return of their fugitives.

But now…

Their plans had gone up in a puff of smoke.

The Kingdom of Hua Xia had won!

And it was a victory over Mo Shi’s top Terminator, Wei Xu. Stunned, all the other nations who were intending to challenge the Kingdom of Hua Xia shrunk back.

An opponent whom even Wei Xu could not defeat. Who else from their own kingdom could they find to challenge him?

Nevertheless, some have surmised that the Kingdom of Mo Shi would not swallow their defeat gladly. They were still hoping that Mo Shi would be so enraged and humiliated that they would fall out with Hua Xia.


“You lost?” The Mo Shi Emperor looked at the kneeling Wei Xu with no expression.

Wei Xu was ashen-faced but nodded in silence.

The Mo Shi Emperor inclined his head and said, “Not bad. This is the result I wanted. Wei Xu, you have done very well. That was a fight you could not win. Pretending to lose was the best outcome.” The Mo Shi Emperor’s words were shocking.

Wei Xu’s face turned even more grim. He hesitated a moment before speaking rather reluctantly, “Forgive me, Your Majesty… I did not purposely lose this fight… the… the opponent was truly better than me.”

Surprise surfaced on the Mo Shi Emperor’s calm face.

When the Mo Shi Emperor had assigned Wei Xu to the fight, he had meant for Wei Xu to lose it on purpose. The Mo Shi Emperor never intended to demand any fugitives from Ji Fengyan. This entire thing was just a charade to deflect the attention of the other rulers and the Divine Temple. That was why he was not shocked when Wei Xu had lost the fight.


Wei Xu was now saying he didn’t lose on purpose?!

Awkwardly, Wei Xu said, “I had wanted to find a chance during the fight to intentionally give way. But that Hua Xia Terminator has extraordinary skills. None of my moves came even close to striking him. He even forced me to a corner and I forgot Your Majesty’s instructions in the moment’s heat…”

Wei Xu couldn’t help feel rather sheepish as he recounted the fight. In reality, Liu Kai’s evasive moves had enraged him. He had put in all his might into that last strike, before realizing his mistake at the final second—by then it was already too late to pull back. Nevertheless, the outcome… was unexpected.

Shock flashed across the Mo Shi Emperor’s face after listening to Wei Xu’s narration.

He was well aware of how powerful Wei Xu was. A Terminator who was able to win Wei Xu at his peak performance could be counted on one hand.

“What kind of country is the Kingdom of Hua Xia?” The Mo Shi Emperor frowned. He couldn’t help feeling rather curious about that newly-established kingdom.

“I don’t know either. I only know that Terminator is rather young, but has unique skills. I have never seen such moves,” Wei Xu replied.

The Mo Shi Emperor pondered for a period before raising his head. He waved his hand. “Never mind, we got the outcome we wanted. You have had a rough day, go back and take a rest.”