The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1220 - Warmonger (4)

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Chapter 1220: Warmonger (4)

The Terminators sent by those rulers had all been beaten to a pulp by Ji Fengyan and now laid useless in bed. This was undoubtedly a slight by Ji Fengyan towards their kingdoms. They were unwilling to swallow this indignity.

As such, the various rulers had gathered to discuss, and sought the Mo Shi Emperor to help them teach Ji Fengyan a lesson.

The status of the Kingdom of Sa Er was beyond reach. If the ruler of a normal nation came to them with a request, they would not even be granted an audience with the Sa Er Emperor. Many of the rulers had been in the capital city for several days, and none of them had met the Sa Er Emperor even once.

On the other hand, the Kingdom of Mo Shi had interacted with most of the nations because of their fondness of war, and was also easily incited into a fight. That was why those rulers had come over to stir things up.

On one hand, they feared their own Terminators were not a match to Ji Fengyan. On the other hand, they worried about being blamed by the Divine Temple should things spiral out of control.

The Kingdom of Mo Shi had always acted wantonly, and the Divine Temple frequently turned a blind eye to their behavior because of their mighty military power. As a result, the various rulers came running to them for help.

The Mo Shi Emperor remained expressionless even as he observed the anxious faces of the various rulers. He asked his man, “What did she say?”

The Mo Shi Terminator replied, “The Hua Xia Queen is unwilling to hand over the fugitives. However, she had agreed to our request to send a representative to fight one of our own tomorrow. We will decide the return of the fugitives by the outcome of that one battle.”

The various rulers were left in a daze after the Terminator finished his report.

One battle?

What did that mean?

The Kingdom of Mo Shi would not make use of their military prowess to force Hua Xia to submit? This was not what they had expected?

It should be pointed out that the Kingdom of Mo Shi was crazy about warfare. They often declared war against another nation, regardless of whether there was a good reason to do so. In those battles, they fought fiercely and did not show any mercy to their opponents.

It was because of the Kingdom of Mo Shi’s unreasonable character that the various rulers had come over to incite them to teach Hua Xia a good lesson.

They never expected Mo Shi to be so gentlemanly!

Disappointed, a few of the rulers spoke up indignantly,

“This Ji Fengyan doesn’t know any better. How long has the Kingdom of Hua Xia been established? She has the audacity to disrespect the Kingdom of Mo Shi?”

“If not because the Divine Temple is playing host, would that Ji Fengyan dare to act so arrogantly in the capital of Sa Er? That Kingdom of Hua Xia is just a bunch of misfits. They are all wanted criminals who escaped from the various nations, but she has chosen to protect them in defiance of us all!”

“Mo Shi Emperor, isn’t this Ji Fengyan too impudent for her own good?”

The rulers all chipped in to stir the flames.


The Mo Shi Emperor remained silent for a moment and looked at those Terminators. “I know. Just choose one of you to fight tomorrow.”

He had obviously decided to resolve things with Hua Xia in just one fight.

Since the Mo Shi Emperor had already expressed his intentions, the other rules could no longer object. Nevertheless, they were curious about when the Kingdom of Mo Shi became so gentle and polite.

“I know you are all unhappy with the Kingdom of Hua Xia. But we are now on Sa Er’s territory and by the invite of the Divine Temple. We cannot afford to kick up a big fuss,” The Mo Shi Emperor explained.