The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1219 - Warmonger (3)

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Chapter 1219: Warmonger (3)

Compared to the earlier threatening show of dominance by the Luo Er gang, the Kingdom of Mo Shi’s request appeared much more magnanimous.

For a powerful nation such as the Kingdom of Mo Shi, their request was considered open-handed. There was nothing else Mai Ya could say to that and she quietly stepped back and whispered to Ji Fengyan, “Queen, how many Terminators did Hua Xia send this time?”

After excluding herself, Ji Fengyan raised a finger to indicate one.

Mai Ya turned around to look at the red-faced Liu Kai, who was still carrying all their parcels.

Liu Kai didn’t understand what was going on and blinked blankly at Mai Ya.

Mai Ya swallowed hard.

“Don’t tell me there is only him…”

Ji Fengyan nodded. Liu Kai was really the only true-blue Terminator in the Kingdom of Hua Xia. It was an uncommon situation.

Mai Ya was no longer smiling.

“The Mo Shi Terminators are all ferocious fighters. If there is only him…” Mai Ya was very pessimistic of the situation.

Ji Fengyan smiled. She understood Mai Ya’s worries and patted her shoulder reassuringly. Ji Fengyan stepped forward and looked at the Mo Shi gang.

“No problem. I accept your request. However, it is already very late now. If you all don’t mind, can we do this tomorrow?”

The Mo Shi men did not force the matter. They nodded and turned to leave.

Ji Fengyan felt like laughing out as she watched this bunch of tough-looking burly men swagger off. Somehow, she had a sense that they could be easily fooled?

Nevertheless, Ji Fengyan approved of Mo Shi’s way of doing things. They did not try to bully those perceived to be weaker than them. Although she had no fear of confrontation or coercion, this did not mean she liked people who made use of such tactics.

Mai Ya let out a sigh of relief as she watched the Mo Shi men leave. However, she couldn’t help feeling worried for Ji Fengyan.

“Queen, I have brought more than a dozen Terminators over this time. I can let you have them tomorrow.” Mai Ya offered meaningfully.

Ji Fengyan laughed as she shook her head.

“It would be bad if the Divine Temple found us out. Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Seeing that Ji Fengyan already had plans, Mai Ya kept quiet.

Meanwhile, the Mo Shi men returned to their own lodgings with Ji Fengyan’s answer.

As the Kingdom of Mo Shi was nearly as big and powerful as Sa Er, their accommodations in the capital city were the most spacious and luxurious.

At this moment in the main hall, apart from the Mo Shi Emperor, the rulers of a few other nations were also present.

The eyes of those rulers brightened the moment they noted the return of Mo Shi’s Terminators. They instinctively wanted to question them, but held their tongues in the presence of the Mo Shi Emperor. They waited anxiously for the Mo Shi Emperor to speak.

The Mo Shi Emperor was already over 70 years of age. Time had left its mark on his face, but failed to diminish the sharpness in his eyes. He sat upright in his seat with the aura of a magnificent lion.

“How did it go? Did you find her?” The Mo Shi Emperor asked.

The leading Terminator got down on one knee and answered, “We found her.”

The eyes of the other rulers sparkled the moment that Terminator spoke. They were the very ones who had previously sent their men to demand the handover of their fugitives from Ji Fengyan—but ended up being humiliated.