The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1217 - Warmonger (1)

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Chapter 1217: Warmonger (1)

Mai Ya was naturally grateful and trailed after Ji Fengyan like an adoring puppy on the streets.

Whereas Liu Kai, as the only male in the group, his presence was hardly noticeable.

The capital city of Sa Er received many visitors during this period, boosting the atmosphere within the town. Although already near midnight, the streets were still full of people.

In the midst of the crowd, they would see many people bearing the insignias from the various kingdoms, hanging around the shops.

Mai Ya stood beside Ji Fengyan and gazed in wonder at the shops lining the street. The prosperity of the Kingdom of Sa Er was far beyond that of Fu Xiang. It was as if, with Ji Fengyan beside her, Mai Ya could shed the authority of a queen and regress to the girlish enthusiasm appropriate to her age.

Ji Fengyan was not that interested in such things, but since Mai Ya enjoyed it, she obligingly accompanied her around. Whenever Mai Ya took a fancy to something, Ji Fengyan would buy it without hesitation.

If not because Ji Fengyan and Mai Ya were both females, Mai Ya would have been willing to marry Ji Fengyan from all that doting.

Mai Ya and Ji Fengyan had a grand time shopping, but they laded poor Liu Kai with their purchases. He followed the two girls, panting pitifully, as he struggled to carry all the shopping.

Just as the three of them were in high spirits, one of the passers-by blocked their path.

“Are you Ji Fengyan? The Queen of Hua Xia?” A brawny man bearing the insignia of a lion’s head stood before Ji Fengyan, frowning. Behind him were about 17 to 18 equally tall and sturdy guys. They formed a human wall, blocking up the entire path.

Mai Ya’s smile faded when faced with this gang. The innocence in her eyes also vanished, and she assumed the imperious air as befitting a queen. She instinctively inched closer to Ji Fengyan, staring at the men with vigilance.

“Who are you?” Ji Fengyan raised her brow with a smirk.

“We are Terminators from the Kingdom of Mo Shi,” The first man replied coldly.

The Kingdom of Mo Shi? Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes.

The Kingdom of Mo Shi was fanatic about warfare. They invested a lot into their military force and was second only to the Kingdom of Sa Er in terms of power. A survey once revealed that Mo Shi was established even earlier than Sa Er, and there had never been a time when there was no fighting on their lands. It could be said that every citizen had war in their blood.

However, as the Kingdom of Mo Shi was overly fond of fighting and always relied on battles to resolve issues—their economy suffered and they lagged behind the Kingdom of Sa Er.

If only the Kingdom of Mo Shi could halt their battles for just half a year, the Kingdom of Sa Er would probably have to cede their position as the number one nation to Mo Shi.

Although not as powerful as Sa Er on an overall basis, the Kingdom of Mo Shi possessed the mightiest military force in this world. Nearly every single soldier were of an elite level. If the Kingdom of Sa Er wished to take down Mo Shi, they would fail or at least suffer immense losses.

If there was any nation in the world who did not fear Sa Er, it would probably be the warmonger Kingdom of Mo Shi.