The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1215 - I Am Going To Beat You All Up (2)

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Chapter 1215: I Am Going To Beat You All Up (2)

When Liu Kai and the Wolf Smoke Regiment first moved to Heavenly Courts, he had heard one of the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers mention this before.

How Ji Fengyan had sorted out those new soldiers in the Wolf Smoke Regiment when she had first taken over command.

He remembered that fearful, yet nostalgic expression on the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldier as he recounted his experience with Ji Fengyan’s whip.

And now, Liu Kai was witnessing with his very own eyes just how vicious Ji Fengyan’s whip could be. While happy that those idiots were getting their just desserts, he couldn’t help shedding a tear of pity for his Wolf Smoke Regiment brothers.

Thank goodness he was wise enough to have gotten on Ji Fengyan’s friendly side right from the start.

Otherwise, who knew if he would have had to endure such a beating?

Liu Kai continued such musings as he watched the entire whipping process.

Ji Fengyan whipped those aggressive burly men until they collapsed foaming on the ground. Only then did that arduous punishment end.

Looking at those wretched Terminators, and then at the still-fresh Ji Fengyan, Liu Kai immediately went forward with a cup of tea for her.

“My Queen, have a sip of tea!” Liu Kai fawned all over Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan returned to her seat and waved her hand mildly. “Throw them out. They are such a sore sight.”

Liu Kai promptly scurried over to the Terminator to drag them off one by one.


“Ah… ah…” One of the battered Terminators emitted a shrill cry.

Not only was Liu Kai’s dragging painful to his open wounds, his rooted knees felt as if someone had smashed them.

Unfortunately, Liu Kai failed to notice.

He just thought that person was too heavy. He took a deep breath and pulled at the man with all his might.

That man went stiff and fainted from the pain.

“My goodness, how heavy is this fellow? Why can’t I move him?” Liu Kai was drenched in sweat but completely unable to drag that guy an inch.

At that, Ji Fengyan suddenly remembered something. She turned to look at the fainted Terminator with a sheepish expression.

Well now, she had completely forgotten.

Earlier on, she had infused her own vital energy into the knees of those people.

Liu Kai did not notice Ji Fengyan’s reaction and continued to tug at the man with all his strength. Not only did the person remain rooted, Liu Kai himself lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Ji Fengyan laughed on the inside but pretended not to know anything.

She then watched as Liu Kai finally threw those bunches of dazed men out the main gates.

Passers-by on the street were dumbstruck by the sight of those men being flung out. They were piled up right in front of the gates of Hua Xia, each with shocked expressions.

After throwing out the last of them, Liu Kai finally crawled back to the hall, panting. He immediately collapsed in a chair.

“Why was that group of guys so heavy?”

Ji Fengyan chuckled. She glanced at the treasures which Liu Kai had brought on his own accord, before looking at Liu Kai thoughtfully.

Liu Kai nearly fell to his knees before Ji Fengyan.

“Queen, have mercy. Can I take a breather first before putting the luggage away?”