The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1208 - A New Small Kingdom (2)

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Chapter 1208: A New Small Kingdom (2)

That ruler was befuddled. He had never heard of the Kingdom of Hua Xia before.

The Terminator hesitated before murmuring in that ruler’s ear. “I heard that this Kingdom of Hua Xia used to be that bunch of people living in the Free Valley. Somehow, they suddenly established a kingdom.”

“The Free Valley?” That ruler was astounded.

The Free Valley was a mishmash of crooks and normal citizens. All the kingdoms had one fugitive or another who had escaped to the Free Valley to avoid capture.

The existence of the Free Valley had many a ruler gnashing their teeth in frustration. If not for the rumored powers of the trigram there, the kingdoms would have already rolled up their sleeves and entered the valley to capture the criminals.

No one expected for a kingdom to be established in a place full of wanted fugitives?

Meanwhile, Liu Kai had alighted. He was the only passenger in that large horse carriage, but it was still filled to the brim.

Liu Kai called for the driver to carry down all the luggage from the carriage. The bystanders nearly spat blood at what they saw.

Huge trunks were carried down from the carriage one by one. Looking at the strained face of the driver, it was obvious just how heavy those cases were.

During that period, many contingents from the various kingdoms had arrived in Sa Er, and the local citizens were already used to seeing horse carriages from other nations parked along the streets. But they had never seen a country who only sent one person with enough luggage for a hundred.

Liu Kai didn’t appear to notice the astonished gazes of those people. He proudly entered the house assigned to the Kingdom of Hua Xia. He even took down the flag from the carriage to hang on the gate.

“My Quuueeennn… I am hereee…” His thunderous shout shook the entire house.

Ji Fengyan was engrossed in writing talismans when she jumped at that shrill cry. She looked up just as Liu Kai hurtled in. She hurriedly rose and scooped up the talismans on the table, just in time before Liu Kai crashed into the table in his over-excitement, shattering the hard wood.

“Pain… pain… pain…” Liu Kai clutched at his stomach as he crawled up from the floor with an agonizing expression. He turned to look at Ji Fengyan with aggrieved eyes.

Ji Fengyan ignored his whining and kept her talismans into her Space Soul Jade. She sat down on a chair, but before she could speak, she saw the countless trunks being carried into the main hall, nearly blocking up the entire door.

“Are you moving house?” Ji Fengyan glared at all that luggage. She had passed the message for Liu Kai to bring some stuff from the Forest of Freedom, but… she never expected him to have brought along a few dozen large cases.

Liu Kai laughed and wriggled to the front of the pile of trunks. He opened one of them.

Inside was full of various types of herbs, all gathered from the Forest of Freedom right before he left. Every single one of them was extremely rare and valuable. None could be found within the entire Kingdom of Sa Er.

“These are all the things our friends in the Forest of Freedom had me bring over. They are of the best quality. They heard that you are planning something big in the Kingdom of Sa Er and so took three consecutive days and nights to harvest these.”