The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1207 - A New Small Kingdom (1)

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Chapter 1207: A New Small Kingdom (1)

Two people with their own agendas. Protecting each other in their own way.

But they did not have enough time to prepare themselves better.

Following the signal from the Divine Temple, the rulers of the various kingdoms made their way to the Kingdom of Sa Er. Within half a month, some rulers of the smaller nations nearby had already arrived at Sa Er’s capital city.

Sa Er’s neighboring nations were mostly smaller and had no Grand Tutors. But as a show of respect to the Divine Temple, those rulers transferred many of their Terminators to Sa Er despite the pressure on their borders.

Somehow, news spread that the Divine Temple was summoning them to discuss ways to handle the demons, as well as provide upgrades to their Terminators, to make them more powerful.

This news had several rulers fearing that their own Terminators would be left behind and become weaker than the other kingdoms. That was why they had gritted their teeth and transferred their Terminators over.

If the rulers held that line of thinking, wouldn’t the Terminators themselves feel the same?

Almost none of them had ever really interacted with the Divine Temple. They naturally hoped that they could obtain more power from the mighty Divine Temple.

Long Yue made the necessary lodging arrangements for all the visiting rulers. Luckily, the Kingdom of Sa Er was very prosperous with an enormous capital city. Otherwise, there was no way they could hold so many rulers.

Usually arrogant and proud, those rulers turned passive and compliant when they arrived at Sa Er.

No matter how lofty they acted in their own countries, no one dared to show the slightest bit of impudence in the all-powerful Kingdom of Sa Er. Apart from hanging around their own lodgings, they mingled with the Sa Er officials.

Everyone knew that among all the nations, the Kingdom of Sa Er and the Divine Temple had the closest relationship.

To their knowledge, the support of the Divine Temple played a huge part behind the rise in power of the Kingdom of Sa Er.

Ingratiating oneself to the Kingdom of Sa Er was a good way to get close to a representative of the Divine Temple.

Two days before the ruler’s arrival, Long Yue arranged for Ji Fengyan to leave the Grand Tutor’s residence and be accommodated at another place, in her rightful status as the queen of Hua Xia.

They had completed the construction of the twelfth stargazing pagoda. The Divine Temple no longer required as much gold and consequently behaved more coldly towards Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan noticed all that, but she didn’t have the time or energy to bother about such things.

That was because the representative of Hua Xia had already arrived at Sa Er’s capital city.

As the only other Terminator in Hua Xia, Liu Kai came alone. He reached the capital city of Sa Er with much excitement, eagerly looking forward to seeing Ji Fengyan.

The sight of his horse carriage, which bore the flag of the Kingdom of Hua Xia, attracted many people.

“Which kingdom is that team from? I have never seen that flag before?” One of the rulers looked doubtful at the horse carriage riding past him. He kept looking yonder, as if he couldn’t believe that any nation would send only one horse carriage over. But there was no sight of a second carriage.

“That… looks like a horse carriage belonging to the Kingdom of Hua Xia,” One of the Terminators said.

“Kingdom of Hua Xia? What’s that?”