The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1206 - Heart of Greed (5)

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Chapter 1206: Heart of Greed (5)

“The moves played by the Heavenly Fiend Clan were indeed intricately planned out,” Ji Fengyan curled her lips into a thin smile and waved her hands gently in the air. Following that, the dark guard silently left.

“What are you planning to do next?” Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan and asked. He believed that if she had stayed, it would not be as simple as watching a show.

Ji Fengyan leaned against the chair leisurely and propped her chin with one hand, as she looked at Liu Huo with a smile.

“I should ask you this. Wasn’t it your intention to foil their plans by sneaking into the Divine Temple? I believe you have all the preparations ready, quickly tell me, how should I revenge for your parents?”

Liu Huo laughed softly. He knew that Ji Fengyan would not be honest that easily, but he did not mind. When it comes to her, he already had nothing else to hide from.

“At that time, even though my parents died at war, many of their trustable subordinates still survived. For all these years, they had been concealing their identities and avoiding the Divine Temple’s investigation. With such a monumental move planned by the Divine Temple this time, I definitely had to react only at the end. The battle between the Demon Clan and humans was the top priority of the Divine Temple. By that time, their Master would definitely bring his men to watch the battle. When the Divine Temple is empty during that time, we can end them all.”

Ever since Liu Huo was aware of things, he had the resolute to seek revenge. He wanted to kill his enemies with his own hands, and had never thought of leaving alive, so his plan was also crazy and direct. Once they could infiltrate the key area of the Divine Temple, it would be the time for him to face his parents’ murderer head on.

After concealing himself for so many years, it was not that Liu Huo was unprepared, but this revenge plan was too intense and he did not want to make her worried, so he left some details out.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes slightly and thought over Liu Huo’s plan. She could sharply sense that he was avoiding some important details. After a moment, she raised her head and asked, “You want to perish together with him?”

Liu Huo was slightly taken aback, but he did not respond.

Saying nothing else, Ji Fengyan immediately stood up and pounced onto Liu Huo, giving him a bite on his shoulder.

“You nasty brat, you have a family now. Are you intending to make me a widow by taking such a colossal risk? Let me tell you, you can follow your plans to deal with the Divine Temple, but you cannot have any thoughts of perishing with them. I will be at the frontline taking care of them, by then you can join forces with me to catch them unprepared, do you understand!”

Ji Fengyan could understand the hatred that Liu Huo had, but now that he had her, she would not allow him to fight alone.

Liu Huo’s eyes widened slightly and he looked at the serious and determined small face in front of him. Unknowingly, a warm sensation filled his heart. He did not say anything and only hugged Ji Fengyan, feeling the warmth from her body.

In the past, exterminating the Divine Temple was Liu Huo’s revenge plan, but now, besides avenging his parents, he had more concerns.

Protecting her and ensuring that the Divine Temple would not harm her.

So long as the Divine Temple’s plan succeeds, all the terminators would be exterminated and she would not be let off as well.

No matter it was for her, or for his own parents, Liu Huo had to risk it all this time.

Ji Fengyan was surrounded in Liu Huo’s hug. The sound of his heartbeat resounded in her ears, but her heart sank.

Liu Huo did not respond to her. She was very certain that this brat must be being obstinate again.

She did not say anything else and only made up her mind to find the way to defeat the Divine Temple. Otherwise, Liu Huo would never give up on his intention on perishing with the rebels.