The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1205 - Heart of Greed (4)

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Chapter 1205: Heart of Greed (4)

Ji Fengyan shook her head helplessly. Even if she were to jump out this instant and reveal the truth about the Divine Temple to all the kingdoms’ rulers, none of them would believe her one-sided words. But… she would not allow the Divine Temple’s plan to proceed this smoothly.

“How’s the situation at the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?” Suddenly, Ji Fengyan thought of Long Xi, who had escaped from the Kingdom of Sa Er around a month ago.

At that time, Long Xi had tricked the Sacred Dragon Crown Prince and transferred from the Kingdom of Sa Er to Sacred Dragon. Just like what the dark guard had reported, before entering the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, Long Xi had already disguised himself as the Sacred Dragon Emperor, but it was uncertain whether there would be another mishap during this month’s time.

“Prince Long Xi is extremely strong in handling matters. Now the Sacred Dragon Crown Prince is very afraid of his brothers finding out about the death of the Sacred Dragon Emperor, so he has put in all his effort to coordinate Prince Long Xi in the acting, so everything is still smooth there.” the dark guard said honestly.

In fact, Long Xi is living a better life in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon than reported.

Even though Long Xi was not as meticulous as Ji Fengyan in his thinking, he still had the ability to trick people. Under his powerful threat and other tricks, the Sacred Dragon Crown Prince was the most worried about his identity being revealed, and followed him everyday like a quail, just like Long Xi was the real Sacred Dragon Emperor.

Previously, the huge losses to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had been under close watch by the other kingdoms. But after Long Xi arrived, there was a slight relief to the situation. This was likely because the other kingdoms were also under attack by the demons so they were less focused and compared to the Sacred Dragon Emperor, Long Xi was much more sensitive and intelligent.

Ji Fengyan nodded slightly. The thorn birds were scattered in different kingdoms now and could grasp hold of all news at the quickest time. Even if Ji Fengyan did not leave the residence, she could still gain knowledge of all the news in the world.

“Right, how’s Little Feather’s speed in searching for the demonic bones?” Ji Fengyan straightened her gaze. This was the most concerning question she had.

The demons had attacked humans all because of the demon god’s bones. So long as they could find the bones, it could resolve the tension between both clans.

At the mention of the demonic bones, the dark guard’s expression became slightly strange.

“Master Chi Tong had relayed news that they are almost done searching for the demonic bones. Previously, when Prince Long Xi left the Kingdom of Sa Er, he had also handed us the hidden powers he had, now all the demonic bones in Sa Er had been found by us. Except that… there seemed to not be any sign of the demon clan stopping their attacks. They had been attacking more frequently. I have this hunch that… they are under some form of influence.” The dark guard also found the situation unusual. They had already found most of the demonic bones and those places only had faint demon aura remaining. This demon aura could only sustain the activation of the world-termination-armour for a short period of time and within its area, but it could not create such a huge reaction from the demon clan.

The demons’ sensitivity to the demon aura was higher than humans. They should have found out earlier that these demonic bones had already been transferred, yet they did not decrease the intensity of their attacks and had attacked more violently—this was something that the dark guard could not understand.

“Heavenly Fiend Clan had a traitor, so does the Demon Clan.” Suddenly, Liu Huo said. His emotionless gaze landed on Ji Fengyan and continued to speak slowly, “the riot of the demon clan was all to coordinate with the actions of the Divine Temple. The Divine Temple encouraged all these.”