The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1204 - Heart of Greed (3)

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Chapter 1204: Heart of Greed (3)

As time passed, the twelfth stargazing pagoda was gradually completed. At the same time, the demons on land had been ready to make trouble. The demons had attacked various kingdoms at their borders. As though the demons were under some stimulation, they all charged towards the places where people stayed in without caring about their own lives. During that time, the people at the borders had no way to continue living. Countless small kingdoms had to give up their land at the borders due to weak military powers so that they could concentrate their military powers to protect the main city. Even those stronger kingdoms suffered heavy losses from the numerous demon attacks. All the kingdoms soon ended up in tough battles.

During this depressing period, the Divine Temple sent out an invitation to all the kingdoms, inviting their Grand Tutors and Emperors to head to the Kingdom of Sa Er for a discussion to deal with the matter of the demon clan.

The status of the Divine Temple was extremely high among the kingdoms. Moreover, it was the Divine Temple that had introduced the terminator and passed on the world-termination-armour to the hands of humans. To the Divine Temple, the Emperors of the kingdoms all had an unknown source of confidence, and during this time when the demons were all running wild, the voice of the Divine Temple was like nature’s calling and no one would object whatever they said.

After they all received the invitation, the kingdoms’ rulers all set out for the Kingdom of Sa Er.

This time, the Divine Temple’s invitation had a simple request. Besides the Emperor and the Grand Tutor, only the terminators could follow along, and they could not bring other people into the Kingdom of Sa Er.

To the rulers who had always been listening well to the Divine Temple, there were naturally no disagreements. They thought of the terminators as being under the control of the Divine Temples and the biggest battling power against the demon clan. Numerous people had predicted that the Divine Temple would provide them with a stronger world-termination-armour to survive this round of ordeal.

When Ji Fengyan heard this piece of news at the Grand Tutor’s residence, a frosty glare flashed across her face.

Liu Huo, who was sitting opposite her, also raised his head to look at the dark guard who had brought the news.

“The thorn birds had sent information that the rulers from all the kingdoms had already set off for Sa Er and at most in a month’s time, all of them would gather in the capital city of Sa Er,” the dark guard said with an expressionless face.

Ji Fengyan had been staying at Xing Hun’s residence the whole time. To prevent him from suspecting, she had hardly left the place and most of her news had been relayed through the dark guard.

“The Divine Temple is really going to take action now. It’s hard to believe that these rulers would bring themselves to their doom’s place so easily.” Ji Fengyan did not know whether to laugh or cry. The rulers who had deep suspicions on usual days would actually head over to Sa Er without hesitation after hearing the orders from the Divine Temple. From this, it was not hard to tell how sturdy the status of the Divine Temple was for all the kingdoms.

“The Heavenly Fiend Clan had schemed for so long just for this day. They had created the Divine Temple themselves to give people a sense of insurmountable dominance so that no one would suspect the motives behind their actions.” Liu Huo was already used to all these. Ever since the Divine Temple was established, it had been gaining the trust of people continuously. Every time they appeared, they would bring hope to the people who were in trouble. Over time, people became used to associating them with the presence of a saviour.

Unfortunately, people did not know that most of the disasters they faced were actually due to the Divine Temple.

They had created the disasters, then saved everyone—this was the underhanded means of the Divine Temple to trick people’s hearts.