The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1202 - Heart of Greed (1)

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Chapter 1202: Heart of Greed (1)

Father’s subordinates addressed him as Your highness.

But he himself did not know how to introduce himself to others.

Who was he—who would know?

Moreover, the rebels had been searching for him the whole time, so he could never reveal his identity under broad daylight.

Ji Fengyan frowned slightly as her eyes were filled with images of him in deep frustration. Suddenly, she raised her hands and cupped his face.

“No, you have a name. You are called Liu Huo, a name that I came up with.”

Liu Huo looked up in surprise, and his eyes met with Ji Fengyan’s determined gaze.

“You are called Liu Huo and you are my husband.” Ji Fengyan leaned her head slightly forward and used her forehead to touch the tip of his nose.

Liu Huo laughed, and he nodded gently. He hugged her tightly—the person who had brought hope to his life.

“I like this name.”

“You must like it. After all, it’s a name that I came up with. How could it be bad?” Ji Fengyan said proudly, but after a quick thought, her gaze changed to a serious one again.

“Liu Huo, do you know about the Divine Temple’s future plan?”

Liu Huo nodded. “This time the Divine Temple had summoned me here to firstly, test you out, and secondly, observe the progress of the stargazing pagoda. Once the second stargazing pagoda has been constructed, the Kingdom of Sa Er would send out invitations to the other kingdoms on behalf of the Divine Temple.”

Even though all the other kingdoms had their guards up, they still trusted the Divine Temple—the ones who had saved them from the gruelling times with the demon clan. There would be almost no kingdoms who would dare to defy the Divine Temple’s commands, so as long as the Divine Temple asked for it, all the kingdoms’ kings would definitely turn up.

And this would be the last step that the Heavenly Fiend Clan would take to erase all traces left behind by the divinities.

“Once they gather all the kings, the people from Divine Temple who were hidden among the demon clan could instigate the demons to attack the humans. By that time, the Divine Temple would have a reason to make all the kingdoms initiate a full-blown battle with the demon clan.”

This battle would definitely be larger in scale than all the past battles. Once it begins, unless either the demon clan or humans were fully exterminated, there would never be an end. Regardless of the outcome, after the battle, either party remaining would no longer be a match for the Heavenly Fiend Clan.

The Heavenly Fiend Clan just had to wait for their opportunity and they could achieve their purpose.

Ji Fengyan frowned slightly. Soon, a cruel battle was destined to occur.

On the other hand, Xing Hun had returned to his study room, with Long Yue following close beside him.

“Seems like there is no problem with Ji Fengyan. Even Master Xing Lou had such high praises for her, so she must be a very useful person,” Long Yue looked at Xing Hun and smiled as he said that.

Xing Hun nodded slightly. So long as he could verify Ji Fengyan’s reliability, he did not need to waste more time on Ji Fengyan.

“How’s the progress on the construction of the twelve stargazing pagoda?” Xing Hun asked.

Long Yue replied, “They have already started. I believe it could be completed within a month. Ji Fengyan looks so skinny and small, yet no one knows how she could be so capable that she could raise so much money. I heard that Hua Xia is prospering. Other than the fact that it has a small land area, it was even richer than Sa Er.” When Long Yue said that, his eyes revealed his look of greed.

And how was it possible for Xing Hun to overlook his thoughts?

“After the two clans’ battle, if you like Hua Xia, you can take over its control.”

Long Yue’s heart jumped suddenly and he tried to suppress his excitement to reply, “But Ji Fengyan…”