The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1201 - Chapter 1201:

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Chapter 1201: Do You Miss Me (3)

Xing Lou held a complicated expression. Involuntarily, his arms around Ji Fengyan tightened a little.

“It’s not that I don’t approve, but I want to destroy their plans.”

Ji Fengyan widened her eyes. She thought she saw a glimpse of pain and hatred in his eyes.

As if he realized he had revealed his own emotions, Xing Lou quickly covered up his feelings. He looked at Ji Fengyan and remained silent for a period before speaking. “I am not Xing Lou.”

“…” Ji Fengyan was dumbstruck.

“I am a member of the Heavenly Fiend Clan, but I am not of the Divine Temple.” Xing Lou gave a bitter smile. He slowly explained the secret which he had kept hidden in his heart for thousands of years.

The Heavenly Fiend Clan had not been so wildly ambitious in their earlier days. Although they were very powerful and without peer, they remained in their own territory after the gods departed from this world. They seldom interacted with the other races.

The King of the Heavenly Fiend Clan led the clan through peaceful days, strictly forbidding the clan from bullying the other races.

That peaceful period could have gone on, but ambition and desire started growing in the hearts of some Heavenly Fiend Clan members.

They believed themselves to be much more powerful than the other weak and feeble races, unable to accept living side by side in peace with them. But under the King’s dominance, they could not realize those ambitions. Thus… tragedy struck.

A traitor appeared within the Heavenly Fiend Clan, someone as powerful as the King. He was the King’s twin brother.

On the day that the Queen gave birth, the traitor led an army of similarly ambitious Heavenly Fiend Clan members to attack the King. To protect the Queen and their newborn child, the King fought against the traitorous army alone, and was defeated in a bloodbath.

The traitor took over the throne and beheaded the King and Queen, hanging their heads on the gates of the palace.

Meanwhile, the newborn child was rescued by a close confidante of the King during the chaos.

“I am that child.” Xing Lou looked unwavering at Ji Fengyan.

It was just as he said. He had no name.

He was born on the day his parents died, and they did not get the chance to name him. He was then secretly transported out of the Heavenly Fiend Clan territory by his father’s men and grew up incognito.

During that period, the new Heavenly Fiend Clan engulfed the world, annihilating countless other races under their scheme.

“I killed the real Xing Lou and took his place. I remained at the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, waiting for the day when I could enter the Divine Temple and avenge my parents.” Xing Lou narrowed his eyes, which were burning with the fires of hate.

The traitor’s curse had struck him when he was born, and Ji Fengyan had first met Xing Lou just at the time the curse was activated.

Right from the time when he could think for himself, his only reason for living had been for revenge. All the way until he met Ji Fengyan, who added an undeniable spark to his life.

“I have no name and no past. I exist solely for revenge.” Xing Lou smiled bitterly. This was why he was unable to tell Ji Fengyan the truth about himself. He didn’t even know how to explain all that to her.