The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1199 - Do You Miss Me (1)

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Chapter 1199: Do You Miss Me (1)

“Since you know each other, let’s sit down for a chat.” Xing Hun smiled casually, but was constantly observing Ji Fengyan’s reaction.

Having the Divine Temple send Xing Lou over was his idea in the first place.

Xing Lou was the former Grand Tutor of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, and Ji Fengyan was under his management while she was there. And so, Xing Lou would be the person who understood Ji Fengyan the best.

Xing Hun was still not completely convinced by Ji Fengyan. He needed Xing Lou to confirm that Ji Fengyan could be trusted and of use to the very end.

Ji Fengyan and Xing Lou sat down. Whether by design or by coincidence—Xing Hun had Ji Fengyan sit on Xing Lou’s right side, with only a fistful of space between them.

Xing Hun spoke after they all settled down.

“Xing Lou, you must have met Ji Fengyan before when you were at the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?”

Xing Lou threw a mild look at Ji Fengyan before nodding.

Xing Hun chuckled. “I wonder what you think of her?”

Xing Hun had no intention of holding back and directly opened up an inquiry into Ji Fengyan.


He was obviously asking the wrong person.

Xing Lou lifted his eyes slightly and glanced over at Ji Fengyan’s face. Only with much self-restraint did he manage to pull his eyes off her. “I know what you are asking. The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon incident was because of the Emperor’s own arbitrary actions. Ji Fengyan was very powerful, having accumulated many battle accolades despite her young age. The Sacred Dragon Emperor was overly suspicious and feared that she would want to overthrow him. That was why he wanted to retire her in advance. The Emperor hid his plan from me, and I only knew of it after he made his move.”

Xing Lou spoke steadily and without emotion. He purposely hid the fact that the actual reason the Sacred Dragon Emperor wanted to get rid of Ji Fengyan was because she was unwilling to activate the World-Termination-Armour. In addition, he exaggerated the Emperor’s paranoid behavior, and acknowledged Ji Fengyan’s capabilities.

His words held an underlying meaning to Xing Hun.

Xing Lou knew why the Divine Temple had sent him here, but he had not mentioned anything untoward about Ji Fengyan at all. He was obviously hinting Xing Hun that Ji Fengyan was reliable.

Xing Hun would not doubt Xing Lou’s words in the least.

He was Xing Lou’s brother, after all. They had grown up together and he had absolute trust in his little brother’s word.

Having obtained Xing Lou’s confirmation, Xing Hun gave up his last reservations against Ji Fengyan. He had already heard of the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s paranoid behavior, so he would naturally not suspect Xing Lou’s words.

“It must have been tough on you to have to leave the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. But it turned out to be a good thing for you.” Xing Hun smiled at Ji Fengyan, having let down his guard against her.

Ji Fengyan sat obediently at the side, as she watched her own man clear her name without the slightest sign of sheepishness. She was nearly bursting from laughter.

She might have been worried if Xing Hun found someone else—but getting Xing Lou to investigate her background?


There was no way he could discover the truth.

Having resolved his final reservations, Xing Hun no longer probed into Ji Fengyan’s matters. He then started chatting with Xing Lou. After a short while, Xing Lou asked to retire as he was tired from his journey. Not wanting his own brother to overexert himself, Xing Hun immediately agreed.