The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1198 - Each With Their Own Agendas (3)

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Chapter 1198: Each With Their Own Agendas (3)

Long Yue stood carefully to the side with a fawning smile on his face. He gazed reverently at the man who bore an extraordinary aura.

“It must have been a lengthy trip for Lord Xing Lou to come here. I have already ordered the servants to prepare a good meal for you. Please adjourn to the dining hall when you have rested.”

The man seated on the chair raised his head slightly. He had an exceptionally handsome face and he turned his elegant, calm eyes towards Long Yue. It was just a brief glance, but Long Yue broke out in a sweat at that.

“Where is Xing Hun?” Xing Lou asked.

Long Yue replied, “Lord Xing Hun will be here very soon. He had just gone to fetch that Terminator Ji Fengyan.”

Xing Lou’s hand involuntarily tightened a little at the mention of Ji Fengyan. Nevertheless, he hid that reaction well and it went unnoticed.

“Got it.”

Long Yue secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

It was rather strange. He had met Lord Xing Lou when he was at the Divine Temple and had felt that he looked rather similar to Lord Xing Hun—although Xing Lou’s manner was not as sharp and oppressive as that of Xing Hun’s. However, meeting him for a second time now, Long Yue couldn’t help feeling doubly pressured. He did not even have the courage to steal another glance at Xing Lou.

A simple verbal exchange with Xing Lou had Long Yue feeling like he just endured a punishment. Long Yue dared not utter another word and just retreated to the side like a rabbit who spotted a ferocious tiger.

After a short while, Xing Hun led Ji Fengyan into the main hall.

Xing Lou lifted his gaze at the sound of footsteps and met a pair of familiar-looking eyes. His heart gave an involuntary jolt as his heartbeat sped up. Nevertheless, he forced himself to shift his gaze from that delicate little face towards Xing Hun.

“Xing Lou, I never expected for the Divine Temple to actually send you here.” Xing Hun immediately smiled upon seeing Xing Lou.

Xing Lou nodded without a word. However, from the corner of his eyes, his gaze continued to linger upon that slender figure standing behind Xing Hun.

Xing Hun noticed nothing strange about Xing Lou, but shifted himself sideways to present Ji Fengyan. “Queen, do you recognize this man?”

Ji Fengyan instantly spotted that familiar figure, the moment she stepped into the main hall. She couldn’t help feeling amused on seeing that man, who had been her frequent companion, sitting primly in that hall.

This fellow, he was obviously excited just now, but had turned proper again.

Ji Fengyan was laughing on the inside, but put on an astounded expression on the outside.

“This is… isn’t this Grand Tutor Xing Lou? You… why are you here?”

A bitter smile rose inside Xing Lou’s heart as he watched Ji Fengyan’s practiced acting. Nevertheless, he maintained his neutral expression and replied coldly, “I have come on the orders of the Divine Temple.”

Xing Hun spoke up then, “Queen, you don’t know this, but Xing Lou was summoned back to the Divine Temple after you left the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. There is a new representative of the Divine Temple at the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon now.”

“I see.” Ji Fengyan put on a face of sudden realization. But in her heart, she was already rolling on the floor laughing.

She didn’t know?

She personally witnessed the departure of this fellow. How could she not know?