The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1196 - Each With Their Own Agendas (1)

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Chapter 1196: Each With Their Own Agendas (1)

Ji Fengyan shook her head.

Risky? Perhaps.

But if you could never capture the tiger if you didn’t enter its den. If the Heavenly Fiend Clan was allowed to succeed in their plans, it would be a great disaster for humans and demons. From the situation at the Kingdom of Sa Er, it could be seen that the Heavenly Fiend Clan was already prepared to strike out at the other two races. This risk was something Ji Fengyan must undertake.

Seeing how resolute Ji Fengyan was, the dark guard kept silent and quietly retreated into the darkness.

Long Yue and Xing Hun had gained overall control of the Kingdom of Sa Er. Their wild ambitions were increasingly obvious, and it would not be long before Long Yue’s scout returned from Hua Xia, to bring them some extremely good news.

The Kingdom of Hua Xia might be small, but its wealth was far beyond that of any other nation.

Gold could be seen everywhere in the Kingdom of Hua Xia and was as common as a piece of rock. You could just carry off a few cases of it, and no one would bat an eyelid.

And the scout had returned with a few dozen cases of gold. He claimed that he had just picked them up from the roadside on his way back.

This news was a revelation to Long Yue and Xing Hun.

Without delay, Long Yue immediately sought Ji Fengyan. His manner towards her was sickeningly sweet.

“Queen Ji, my man has returned. I never knew the Kingdom of Hua Xia was so amazing. I believe that we will be cooperating closely in the future.” Long Yue did not hide the greed in his eyes as he stood before Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan just responded with a slight smile.

When she had arranged for the dark guard to escort Long Xi out of the Kingdom of Sa Er, she had also instructed the dark guard to send a message to Hua Xia. Ji Fengyan purposely arranged everything that Long Yue’s scout saw.

All that gold strewn everywhere was just part of the materialistic dragon’s own “hoard” that Ji Fengyan had instructed it to regurgitate out.

Long Yue didn’t know Ji Fengyan had made arrangements and thought that the Kingdom of Hua Xia was always like that. He naturally discovered that Ji Fengyan was immensely valuable.

He threw all prior reservations against Ji Fengyan out the window. Long Yue immediately brought her to meet Xing Hun, presenting her as an ally.

Xing Hun appeared to accept Ji Fengyan’s status as an ally and listed his requirements. The Divine Temple wanted to build stargazing pagodas in the Kingdom of Sa Er, and each pagoda required huge financial resources. If they relied solely on the wealth of Sa Er, they could only build a maximum of three pagodas.

But the Divine Temple needed as much as 12 pagodas.

This was why Xing Hun needed more money.

Ji Fengyan’s arrival had nicely resolved Xing Hun’s problem.

However, Xing Hun only mentioned the need to build the stargazing pagodas. He did not explain their purpose, and Ji Fengyan wisely chose not to ask. She just said that she would have the Kingdom of Hua Xia send over enough money to ensure the completion of the rest of the pagodas.

With Ji Fengyan’s guarantee, Xing Hun and Long Yue no longer needed to worry over the construction of the stargazing pagodas.

The Kingdom of Hua Xia soon sent over a substantial amount of gold as per the agreement, putting Xing Hun’s mind at ease. However, he remained very cautious and discreetly assigned his men to monitor Ji Fengyan closely.