The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1193 - Life In The Balance (1)

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Chapter 1193: Life In The Balance (1)

With a crisp slapping sound, bright red blood slowly dripped from the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s brow. The eyes, which had been so scheming just a moment ago, now lost their glow and darkened.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was dead.

When the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had begun to wane, he had quietly died in a dungeon in the Kingdom of Sa Er. Few people knew of this.

Long Yue stood outside the dungeon. A trace of a smile surfaced on his face.

He was pleased with Ji Fengyan’s actions.

The satisfied Long Yue lifted his chin at the guard standing by the side. The guard immediately entered the dungeon and moved the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s body out. Then Long Yue walked over to Ji Fengyan, his face full of smiles.

“Miss Ji, I believe it will thrill lord Grand Tutor to have such a capable colleague join us.”

Ji Fengyan indifferently wiped the blood off her hands, then turned to look at the smiling Long Yue.

“To know whether I am capable, doesn’t the Second Prince need to wait for the men he sent to the Free Valley to bring back news?”

Long Yue gave a slight start. Ji Fengyan’s sharpness secretly surprised him.

The truth was that he could now confirm that Ji Fengyan was sincerely prepared to cooperate. However, he still needed his men to return from the Free Valley to confirm whether she had sufficient net worth.

“Miss Ji is very intelligent. In that case, would Miss Ji like to temporarily stay at the Grand Tutor’s residence while waiting for the news to arrive?”

He called it a temporary stay, but in reality, it was house arrest.

If Ji Fengyan was not sufficiently useful, Xing Hun would mercilessly kill her. She would receive a true amnesty from Xing Hun only if she was sufficiently useful.

Both of them were well aware of this.

Ji Fengyan had achieved her goal, so she said nothing else. She thoughtfully looked at Long Yue, then left the dungeon.

Long Yue personally saw Ji Fengyan in her room. His lips curved in a hint of a smile. He immediately ordered his men to keep a close eye on Ji Fengyan.

That night should have been the Grand Tutor’s birthday banquet. The capital was hung with decorations and filled with a sense of gaiety. However, no one had expected an accident to suddenly occur.

News that the crown prince, Long Xi, had attempted to harm the Grand Tutor, spread rapidly through the capital. In the gathering dusk, the guards from the Grand Tutor’s residence were dispatched on a large scale. They surrounded Long Xi’s residence under the cover of night.

Under the cover of the chaos caused by the surrounding troops, two figures noiselessly slipped out from the residence.

The frantic Sacred Dragon Crown Prince had not realized what had happened. Long Xi had dragged him into the underground tunnel amidst the chaos. When they left the crown prince’s residence and crawled to the neighboring house, he finally realized that the crown prince’s residence was already securely surrounded with three ranks of troops within and without.

With that, the Sacred Dragon Prince panicked.

That day, the Sacred Dragon Emperor had posed as Long Xi to attend the birthday banquet. However, except for that, he did not know any of the details of the birthday banquet. From the continuous roaring of the guards, he heard the news that the crown prince had tried to murder the Grand Tutor. It dumbfounded the Sacred Dragon Prince.

“Royal father… royal father has been discovered?” The Sacred Dragon Prince was shivering like a frightened quail. He was shocked to realize that if the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s role as an impostor had been discovered, even the crown prince, Long Xi, would be implicated.

Long Xi raised his eyes to look at his residence, which was swarming with the guards from the Grand Tutor’s residence. A complicated expression surfaced in his eyes.

Ji Fengyan had foreseen all this.