The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1176 - The Grand Tutor’s Birthday Banquet (1)

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Chapter 1176: The Grand Tutor’s Birthday Banquet (1)

Ji Fengyan’s plan totally stunned Long Xi. He had thought Ji Fengyan must have gone mad to come up with such a suicide mission. He didn’t know that she had already completely deceived the Sacred Dragon Emperor. The scariest thing was at this moment, the Emperor was probably extremely grateful towards Ji Fengyan, not realizing that he had stepped into a deathtrap set by her.

Ji Fengyan’s plan was foolhardy, and Long Xi no longer doubted her. He put on a show of ignorance and went about his daily matters as usual.

In the blink of an eye, the day of Grand Tutor Xing Hun’s birthday banquet arrived.

On this day, the capital city was full of festive decorations and a celebratory atmosphere.

It was as if some prince or princess was about to get married.

In reality, Xing Hun’s status in the Kingdom of Sa Er had already surpassed that of a royal family member. Apart from the Sa Er Emperor, no one else outranked him.

The banquet had yet to begin, but many important officials were already lined up outside the Grand Tutor’s residence with all sorts of exquisite gifts in hand, waiting for the celebrations to start.

Inside the Grand Tutor’s residence, Xing Hun sat in the main hall drinking a cup of tea in leisure. Sitting right beside him was the fake second prince, Long Yue!

“Lord Grand Tutor, Long Xi visited the palace a few days ago and I heard he brought Princess Long Qin out with him. I wonder… if she said anything to Long Xi.” Long Yue gazed respectfully at Xing Hun.

Xing Hun lifted his eyes, as his handsome face remained expressionless. “Has there been any unusual activity on Long Xi’s side the past few days?”

A guard standing to the side hurriedly said, “Nothing. The Crown Prince has been behaving as per usual the past few days. The only thing he did was to take out some of his own treasures to sell and then had his men transfer the proceeds to the north area.”

Xing Hun remained silent, but Long Xi gave a cold laugh. “That Long Xi is such a dutiful crown prince. He doesn’t even realize that disaster is already hovering over his head. He is still thinking of saving those refugees in the north area? I don’t know whether to call him foolish or stupid.”

Xing Hun did not respond to Long Yue’s statement. He just looked at the guard. “Has Long Xi left his residence already?”

The guard answered, “He just left.”

Xing Hun nodded. “Make your move after the banquet begins. Don’t give any opportunity for anyone to realize.”


Long Yue looked on with some excitement. Thirsty ambition surfaced in his eyes.

“Is my lord going to make his move on Long Xi today?”

“Mm. It’s about time.” Xing Hun nodded before glancing at Long Yue. “In just another night, you will become the only heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Sa Er. I will have the Sa Er Emperor abdicate his position as soon as possible, after which you will become Sa Er’s ruler. The most powerful kingdom in the world will be in your hands.”

Long Yue was still dreaming about it when Xing Hun’s words shocked him. He broke out in cold sweat and threw himself down before Xing Hun’s feet. He said carefully, “I don’t dare to assume so. I am just serving the Divine Temple. The Kingdom of Sa Er belongs to the Divine Temple, everything under the sky belongs to the Divine Temple. To be able to serve the Divine Temple is my greatest honor, I do not hold other ambitions.”

Long Yue’s display of loyalty did not trigger any reaction from Xing Hun. He just calmly stood up and addressed the guard. “It’s about time. Let the invitees enter the residence.”