The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1172 - A Plan (3)

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Chapter 1172: A Plan (3)

Although he did not know what Ji Fengyan was planning, Long Xi still gave Ji Fengyan a set of fine clothes. In addition, he followed Ji Fengyan’s instructions and passed her the present he had earlier prepared for Xing Hun’s birthday celebrations.

Ji Fengyan brought the clothes and gift and knocked loudly on the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s door.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was just talking to the prince when he suddenly heard the knocking. He motioned to the prince to open the door.

The prince walked over to the door. The moment the door opened, his eyes brightened.

Ji Fengyan stood at the door, smiling brightly. When the Sacred Dragon Prince saw her surpassing beauty, he almost forgot to breathe.

“Sacred Dragon Prince.” Ji Fengyan looked smilingly at the stunned Sacred Dragon Prince.

The Sacred Dragon Prince snapped out of his trance. When he looked at Ji Fengyan, it filled his expression with hesitation and devotion.

When he had first seen this girl that stood before him, her beauty mesmerized the Sacred Dragon Prince. It was just that Long Xi, who was standing beside Ji Fengyan, was too dazzling. Even when the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was at its peak, the Sacred Dragon Prince could not compare to Long Xi. What more now, when the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was on the decline. The Sacred Dragon Prince did not even dare to raise his head in Long Xi’s presence. How could he possibly dare to compare himself with Long Xi?


The girl in front of him was just too glorious. The Sacred Dragon Prince had never seen such beauty. When he had gazed on her unrivaled beauty, he could not extricate himself. Even though he knew he could not compete with Long Xi, the Sacred Dragon Prince could not help but be jealous of Long Xi.

They were both crown princes, but why was he in such a sorry state that he had to bow his head to Long Xi? Long Xi was the crown prince of the Kingdom of Sa Er, and had a beauty like that by his side. Any one of these sufficed to make the Sacred Dragon Prince grind his teeth in jealousy. However, he was so weak that he did not dare to reveal any part of this.

If the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had not fallen into such straits, would he find such a beauty?

The Sacred Dragon Prince could not help but fantasize. Ever since the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had weakened, the Sacred Dragon Prince had often resented his father’s recklessness.

In the past, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had been like the noonday sun. He did not know what had gotten into his royal father, except that he insisted on holding a grudge against a Terminator. In this matter, his royal sister had also abetted the emperor. The Sacred Dragon Prince had earlier heard that the Eldest Princess had been drooling over the Grand Tutor, Xing Lou, for a long time. However, her persistent attention had been rejected out of hand. Instead, that Terminator had, for some reason, received Xing Lou’s favor and had become an eyesore to the Eldest Princess. In the ensuing fracas, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had fallen into this state.

The Sacred Dragon Prince had already inwardly scolded the dead Eldest Princess hundreds, or even thousands, of times. He had shown no signs of pain at the death of his sister.

The Sacred Dragon Prince was still thinking about this, when the Sacred Dragon Emperor saw that he did not move. So he got up and turned his head to look. When he saw Ji Fengyan standing outside the room, a smile immediately appeared on his face, and he hurried over to meet her.

“So it’s you, Miss? Please come in and have a seat.” The Sacred Dragon Emperor’s attitude was toadying. As an Emperor, he should not have this attitude, but now it was on full display.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor was curious about this girl’s status. However, the few times she had spoken, it had always been in his favor, and had always influenced Long Xi. The Sacred Dragon Emperor was extremely cunning and naturally saw that it was more effective to curry favor with her than with Long Xi.

Ji Fengyan noted both their reactions. However, she did not allow her feelings to show, but entered smilingly.