The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1171 - A Plan (2)

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Chapter 1171: A Plan (2)

The Sacred Dragon Emperor had been staying in the crown prince’s residence for the past few days. However, he had worried continually as he waited for pleasant news from the crown prince, and was understandably anxious. Now he had summoned up his courage to test the waters.

He had not expected…

The results were far better than he had imagined.

If he could say a few words to the Grand Tutor, Xing Hun, then would not the matter of Ji Fengyan and the Kingdom of Hua Xia be settled within minutes?

Now, the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s entire mind was set on causing Ji Fengyan to die a terrible death. He had traveled thousands of miles to the Kingdom of Sa Er because he could not forget this matter.

Long Xi did not know what Ji Fengyan was planning. He only felt that her suggestion was too crazy. Did she not know why the Sacred Dragon Emperor had come to the Kingdom of the Sa Er? If a man like Xing Hun knew that Ji Fengyan existed, he would immediately find an excuse to lead troops to level the entire Kingdom of Hua Xia. Furthermore, Xing Hun now grasped all the power of the Kingdom of Sa Er. No matter how powerful Ji Fengyan’s Kingdom of Hua Xia was, it could not withstand them sallying forth in full strength.

He did not understand; He did not understand at all.

Long Xi realized that now, he could not understand Ji Fengyan’s thinking.

“Your Majesty, please don’t worry. His Royal Highness will take care of this matter. Your Majesty should just wait for good tidings.” Ji Fengyan ignored Long Xi’s bewildered expression and laughingly told the Sacred Dragon Emperor this exhilarating news.

“Yes, of course, thank you, Miss and crown prince. I’ll go and make preparations now.” The Sacred Dragon Emperor was already overjoyed. He had thought that the crown prince was just half-heartedly attending to this matter and had not expected to find a way out. Naturally, he said nothing negative, but left after expressing a thousand thanks.

Only when Ji Fengyan was sure that the Sacred Dragon Emperor had left the vicinity of the room, did she put down the hand that covered Long Xi’s mouth?

The moment she removed her hand, Long Xi immediately jumped up.

“Ji Fengyan, are you crazy? You are actually going to let the Sacred Dragon Emperor see Xing Hun? Do you know that’s equivalent to seeking death!” Long Xi almost wanted to wring Ji Fengyan’s neck. He had thought that Ji Fengyan was extremely intelligent, but what she had just done was not what any intelligent person would do.

Ji Fengyan smilingly looked at Long Xi, who was jumping with agitation.

“I’m not the only one seeking death, right?”

“What do you mean?” Long Xi gave a slight start.

Ji Fengyan shrugged slightly and casually sat down in a nearby chair. She rested her chin on a hand and said, “I previously allowed the Sacred Dragon Emperor and the others to remain, to use them against Xing Hun. But now that Xing Hun has control of the Kingdom of the Sa Er, this way is blocked.”

“Yes… that’s true.” Long Xi nodded.

Ji Fengyan spread her hands apart. “But it doesn’t matter. Although this way is blocked, the Sacred Dragon Emperor still has other uses.”

“What other uses? Ji Fengyan, what on earth are you planning? You might as well come clean with me. If you continue to be mysterious, I really feel… very agitated.” Ji Fengyan’s cool attitude completely bewildered long Xi. He was utterly panicked, but Ji Fengyan was still completely calm.

“Mustn’t say… mustn’t say… you just need to watch. By the way, hand me a set of your clothes, the more luxurious and formal, the better.” Ji Fengyan just would not divulge anything.

Long Xi was speechless. He had no choice but to follow Ji Fengyan’s instructions.