The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1166 - The Empress (2)

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Chapter 1166: The Empress (2)

Since the Empress requested it, Long Xi was happy to comply. After chatting a while, he bid her farewell, and left together with Long Qin skipping alongside her brother.

“Brother, you are terrible. You never bring me out to play. I am nearly bored to death in the palace.” Long Qin frowned.

Long Xi laughed and hurriedly tried to placate her. “It’s my fault. Today, you can do whatever you want outside of the palace. I will go along.”

“Don’t go back on your word now. I heard that there’s a restaurant in the east side of town with excellent food. You must bring me there to try it.” Long Qin smiled.

Long Xi assented and Ji Fengyan also went along, as she had nothing else to do.

The restaurant was not large but possessed a unique flavor. There were many customers and the three of them specially requested for a small, private room. Long Qin didn’t stand on courtesy and ordered a wide variety of dishes, happily racking up an expensive bill for Long Xi.

Long Xi grinned at his own sister. His sister’s innocent smile dispelled his usual worries.

As they ate, Long Qin kept glancing at Ji Fengyan from time to time.

“Brother, is this lady really an official guest? I never knew that women could become official guests?”

Long Xi replied, “The world is so big, there are many things you still don’t know. This lady here is a highly sought-after official. Don’t mess around with her.”

“So precious? And I thought you were just attracted by her beauty,” Long Qin said.

Long Xi just smiled and waved his hand. However, Ji Fengyan could feel that Long Qin’s words had a probing element.

What was Long Qin trying to find out?

And what did she suspect?

Long Qin put down her chopsticks and turned to Ji Fengyan with an innocent smile. “Sister, what did you discover when you examined my mother earlier?”

Long Xi thought that Long Qin was just curious about Ji Fengyan, and he was about to interrupt his sister’s mischief when Ji Fengyan suddenly stared straight at Long Qin with clear eyes. “Your Highness, do you wish to hear lies or the truth?”

Ji Fengyan’s statement utterly stunned long Xi.

Astonishment also flashed across Long Qin’s eyes. “I have heard too many lies. I do wish to hear the truth now and then.”

Ji Fengyan understood and she replied slowly, “There is nothing wrong with the Empress’ health…”

Long Qin’s brows furrowed.

“But I am afraid she will not have much time left if the slow-acting poison in her is not removed.” Ji Fengyan finished.

There was a crashing sound as Long Qin jumped up from her seat and accidentally knocked off some utensils in her panic.

Long Xi was also dazed. “Miss Ji, what do you mean? Slow-acting poison? You say that my mother…”

Ji Fengyan replied in a bland manner, “I think Long Qin knows more about the Empress’s condition than me. Princess Long Qin, you don’t have to sound me out. I have the same goal as you two. If you miss this chance today, I am afraid it will be even harder for you and your brother to meet up in the future.”

Long Qin’s face had turned increasingly grim at Ji Fengyan’s words. Long Xi also felt something was wrong and hurriedly looked at Long Qin. He asked anxiously, “What the hell is going on?!”

Long Qin pursed her lips, the innocence on her face long gone. She lifted her eyes towards Long Xi.

“Brother, you must save mother and father…”