The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1164 - The Kingdom of Sa Er (3)

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Chapter 1164: The Kingdom of Sa Er (3)

“How long has it been since you visited the queen?” The Sa Er Emperor suddenly spoke.

Long Xi gave a slight start. “Almost a month.”

The Sa Er Emperor gave a cold grunt. “A month? Xi’er, I remember when you first chose your mansion, you deliberately chose one that was near to the royal palace. The queen only has two children, you and Long Qin. Long Qin is still young and there is no need to mention her. But as her eldest and only son, shouldn’t you know that the queen’s health has been poor for the past few years? You spend your efforts on other things, but take no thought to visiting her.”

The Sa Er Emperor’s bitter words smashed down, one after another. Long Xi’s expression instantly became extremely ugly.

It was not that Long Xi did not visit the Empress often; it was just that he was intent on looking for the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir for the queen, and so had visited more infrequently. However, the Sa Er Emperor did not know about this. Instead, he seemed extremely displeased with Long Xi’s recent words and actions.

“Yes, my royal father is right to reprimand me.” Long Xi hung his head. Regarding Xing Hun, no matter what Xing Hun said, he would pretend ignorance. However, the Sa Er Emperor was his father, and his every word pierced Long Xi’s heart.

“Since you have come to the palace today, go and visit your royal mother, rather than think about this and that.” The Sa Er Emperor tone was one of extreme displeasure.


Throughout the entire conversation, Long Xi had not dared to raise his head at all. He only silently tolerated everything, then led Ji Fengyan, and backed out of the main hall.

After he left the main hall, his expression was somewhat desolate.

“Visiting the queen?” Ji Fengyan had noted all of Long Xi’s reactions.

Long Xi silently nodded. His lips curved involuntarily in a trace of a bitter smile.

“In recent times, my royal father seems… very displeased with me. I guess… I have not done enough.”

These self-deprecating words sounded rather harsh when heard by others.

As the crown prince, Long Xi had done well enough. Without discussing other matters, just compared to the prince from the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, Long Xi had far surpassed the other. At least, when Ji Fengyan was still in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, she had never seen that prince pleading for the welfare of the citizens of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

As a bystander, Ji Fengyan clearly felt the displeasure in the words that the Sa Er Emperor had directed at Long Xi. However, this displeasure was rather abrupt.

“Was it like that in the past?” Ji Fengyan asked.

Long Xi shook his head. “At first my royal father was not so strict. He taught me many of the actions that I take today… perhaps I… am truly in the wrong.”

Ji Fengyan frowned slightly, but did not say anymore. Under this oppressive atmosphere, the two of them reached the Empress’s residence.

The Sa Er Empress was a few years younger than the Emperor. The two of them had already known each other when the Emperor was still the crown prince. The Empress came from a noble background, and she and the Sa Er Emperor had been childhood sweethearts. After the Emperor had ascended the throne, he had immediately married the Empress who had become the mother figure of the nation. They had once been a fairy tale couple that others had envied.

Even though the Emperor had three thousand beautiful women in his harem, he still took great care of the Empress. Even the most favored concubine could do nothing that went against the Empress’s wishes. Even the birth mother of the second prince, Long Yue, the most favored concubine in history, still had to show utmost respect in the Empress’s presence.

Long Xi’s mother’s character was one of gentleness tempered with resolution. She had assisted the Emperor in establishing a prosperous era. It was just that her health had deteriorated in recent years, which had caused the Emperor much concern.