The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1162 - The Kingdom of Sa Er (1)

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Chapter 1162: The Kingdom of Sa Er (1)

“Have you been to the palace many times over the past few days?” The Sa Er Emperor’s intense gaze fell on Long Xi, and his tone was grave.

“Yes.” Long Xi nodded.

“Why were you looking for me?” The Sa Er Emperor questioned further.

Long Xi said, “Royal Father, I would like to report that the northern regions have experienced a natural disaster. The people have completely lost their harvest …” Long Xi immediately recounted the matter that he had been repressing for the past few days. “Please, Royal Father, open the storehouses and help relieve the people in the north!”

Long Xi’s every word was sincere, and his expression was worried.

But the Sa Er Emperor was expressionless, except for a slight frown. He did not reply directly to Long Xi’s request, but looked straight at the Grand Tutor, Xing Hun, who was sitting by the side.

“Grand Tutor, have you heard about the situation in the north?”

Xing Hun smiled. He was exceedingly handsome. As his eyes roamed the room, he looked incredibly elegant. Just his complexion, and his air, made people involuntarily respect him. No one dared to offend him lightly.

His gaze fell on Long Xi and his eyes narrowed in amusement.

“My news differs somewhat from what the crown prince heard.”

“Oh?” The Sa Er Emperor raised his brows slightly.

Xing Hun continued. “The northern territory of the Kingdom of Sa Er has steep mountain ranges and is known to lack natural resources. This is not the first time. A few years ago, news of natural disasters often reached the capital. The first few times, I opened the storehouses to provide aid. However, when this happened several times, I became suspicious and especially sent people to the north to investigate.”

“The population in the north is smaller than that in other regions. However, the land area is quite big. Based on their population, if they just cultivate the land, they should not suffer any lack. Based on the observations of the people I sent to investigate, the people in the north are not too interested in cultivation. They are rather lazy, and the majority live on aid funds. When the news of a natural disaster arrived this time, I did not hurry to open the storehouses to provide aid because I was unwilling to enable their laziness. They think that all they have to do is report a natural disaster every year, and the kingdom will provide food and money with no strings attached. In this manner, they will not get rid of their laziness, but will instead take up much of the kingdom’s strength.”

Xing Hun spoke at a moderate pace. His words fell on his listeners’ ears like a flowing stream.

However, when these words reached Long Xi’s ears, they were harsher than being jabbed with a needle.

“Royal Father! Although the northern regions have much land, it is mainly mountainous and difficult to cultivate. In addition, they lack water, which makes cultivation even more difficult. Now a natural disaster has struck and the people…” Long Xi spoke hurriedly.

But before he could finish speaking, the Sa Er Emperor frowned deeply and interrupted him.

“Xi’er, I know you care for the people. But you have lived for a long time in the capital, how would you know about the situation in the north, which is thousands of miles away? I have already sent people to investigate the situation in the north, and it is as the Grand Tutor said.”

Long Xi gave a slight start. Although he had not personally visited the northern regions, he was deeply concerned about them. Further, the geographic environment in the northern regions was not as favorable as Xing Hun described it to be. But the Sa Er Emperor… was unwilling to listen to his pleas.

“Royal Father…” Long Xi wanted to put up a fight, but Xing Hun spoke immediately.

“The crown prince is kind and pure by nature, and that is a blessing to the people of the Kingdom of Sa Er. You are the crown prince and the future emperor of the Kingdom of Sa Er. That will never change. There is no need for you to be impatient to gain achievements.”

Xing Hun’s words completely stunned Long Xi.

Xing Hun meant that Long Xi had exaggerated the crisis in the northern regions in order to gain credit.