The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1161 - The Golden Mark (3)

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Chapter 1161: The Golden Mark (3)

“Right, why are you looking for me?” Long Xi did not want to think about the matter regarding the Sacred Dragon Emperor. After all, it was Ji Fengyan’s original intention to let the Sacred Dragon Emperor stay.

Ji Fengyan considered whether she should tell Long Xi about the matter of Prince Long Yue’s body being taken over by someone else.

While she was thinking, a guard rushed in front of Long Xi and whispered to his ears.

Instantly, the expression on Long Xi’s face changed.

“Why?” Ji Fengyan asked.

Long Xi frowned slightly and said, “The discussion between Father and the Grand Tutor has ended, and he has summoned me into the palace.” After he said that, Long Xi stopped for a moment before continuing, “You… are you entering with me?”

Ji Fengyan nodded slightly. She was curious about the situation of the Kingdom of Sa Er. Previously, she had told Long Xi her intentions and he had agreed to make use of his hidden powers to help Ji Fengyan find the demonic bones from various parts of Sa Er.

The two of them made preparations and left for the palace.

This time, Long Xi did not get declined entry outside the palace.

Looking at the palace that he had been raised in, Long Xi’s gaze was still filled with longing.

Under the lead of the palace maid, Long Xi quickly brought Ji Fengyan to the main palace of Sa Er.

The entire palace was covered in splendour. The Sa Er Emperor was a powerful king and also one to enjoy himself. As the Kingdom of Sa Er prospered, the palace indicated the kingdom’s power. The place was wide and grand, yet it did not seem tacky at all.

“Greetings to Your Majesty, greetings to the Grand Tutor.” Long Xi entered the palace and immediately paid his respects.

In the huge palace, the Sa Er Emperor, who had two streaks of gray hair at the side of his head, was sitting on the throne. Even though he was already 50-year-old, there were still no signs of ageing between his brows. Compared to the Sacred Dragon Emperor who was as old as him, his eyes were still blazing and he was filled with energy. He seemed to have a powerful aura and did not look old at all.

On the throne beside him, there was a chair that was carved out of elephant tusk. On the chair, there was a handsome-looking man with a pure aura, smiling and sitting.

Ji Fengyan followed Long Xi into the palace. After bowing, she glanced secretly at the man’s face. One look and it made Ji Fengyan slightly shocked.

That man’s looks were almost similar to Xing Lou’s and were only more mature compared to Xing Lou.

Ji Fengyan felt intrigued. Even though Xing Lou and Liu Huo were the same person, but Liu Huo’s looks were still different despite him having a young man’s appearance. Both of them were devastatingly beautiful, but they looked completely different.

This was something that Ji Fengyan had been curious all along and she had asked Liu Huo before, except that Liu Huo was unwilling to reveal anything about his identity as Xing Lou.

Now that Ji Fengyan was looking at the man before her, she could guess that he is the Grand Tutor of Sa Er—Xing Hun.

A member of the Heavenly Fiend Clan that only had one character different in his name.

“You may rise,” Sa Er Emperor glanced at Long Xi and said plainly. His imposing tone had unknowingly left people with a feeling of oppression.

Long Xi stood up and looked at Sa Er Emperor’s face respectfully. When he glanced at Xing Hun, it was as though there was a slight emotion flashing across his eyes, but he intelligently masked it.