The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1160 - The Golden Mark (2)

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Chapter 1160: The Golden Mark (2)

Why would the golden mark of a terminator appear on the Second Prince of Sa Er?

A string of questions formed continuously in Ji Fengyan’s mind. She lightened her breathing and glanced at the hideous scars on Long Yue’s chest.

From the looks of the scars, they were most likely wounds that had been at least from 10 years ago. However, 10 years ago, Long Yue was only an immature young boy. If Ji Fengyan had not been wrong, the appearance of these scars should have been around the same time as the appearance of the Grand Tutor.

There was still something that made Ji Fengyan concerned.

Long Yue’s body frame and bone structure did not seem like a young man in his prime age. His bone structure was wide and huge and seemed more like a 30-year-old muscular man.

Instinctively, Ji Fengyan transferred the vital energy in her inner core to her and everything before her eyes changed miraculously and silently.

It was as though there was a translucent figure above Long Yue’s body. That figure overlapped with Long Yue’s body, and only the face had a huge transformation.

That was a face that looked like over 30-year-old. His facial features were strong and completely different from Long Yue’s elegant face.


It shocked Ji Fengyan.

No matter how a person’s appearance changes, their souls would not change. Just like her, even though she had reincarnated into this new body, her soul still looked the same as her past life.

Now, the soul that was appearing on Long Yue’s body was his.

Ji Fengyan used her vital energy and could see one’s soul.

This allowed Ji Fengyan to make a tremendous discovery.

The Long Yue before her was possibly not even the real Second Prince Long Yue.

Even though his appearance had been transformed, the soul in his body could deceive no one!

When did this dupe take over Long Yue’s existence?

Was it after he had entered the Grand Tutor’s residence?

If so, where was the real Second Prince Long Yue now?

As Ji Fengyan slowly uncovered the truth, she could sense that the Divine Temple had tampered with Sa Er differently from the other kingdoms.

Ji Fengyan suppressed the doubts she had and turned to leave from the rooftop. Standing in the night sky, Ji Fengyan’s gaze could not help but look at the Grand Tutor’s residence that was just a wall distance away.

There was a strong aura surrounding the Grand Tutor’s residence, causing Ji Fengyan to cannot hide her presence under that powerful aura even if she wanted to sneak in.

Ji Fengyan could only give up on her intentions to explore the Grand Tutor’s residence and returned to Long Xi’s residence.

The next morning, Ji Fengyan found Long Xi.

Long Xi was having a conversation with the Emperor. Upon seeing Ji Fengyan, he immediately found an excuse to leave.

“Why is he looking for you?” Ji Fengyan frowned slightly and looked at the Emperor, who seemed to be in a panic.

Long Xi sighed in resignation, “He has probably reached his wit’s end. He was trying to ask about the Grand Tutor’s response, but I have already told him that the Grand Tutor was still discussing matters with Father and could not meet him now.”

Ji Fengyan nodded slightly and recalled the arrogant Emperor in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon previously. However, he has ended up in such a state that made people gasp.

But all these were because he had asked for it and he did not deserve any sympathy.