The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1159 - The Golden Mark (1)

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Chapter 1159: The Golden Mark (1)

“Your Highness, you’re back?” A seductive-looking woman swayed her hips as she walked to Long Yue’s side and placed one hand directly on his shoulders.

“Is there any news from the Grand Tutor?” Long Yue looked at the woman before him calmly and said while using his hands to touch her chin.

The woman laughed softly and replied, “the Grand Tutor is still in the palace with Your Majesty discussing about the matter of send the army to attack them and has not returned. But he had said that everything regarding the birthday banquet will be up to Your Highness to decide. Your Highness… the Grand Tutor indeed has placed his highest hopes on you.”

Long Yue narrowed his eyes slightly and said after a moment of thinking, “I understand. Prepare some hot water for me, I want to take a bath.”

“Yes.” The woman took her leave well-behaved and immediately instructed the other people to prepare hot water.

Then Long Yue returned to his room. The woman tried to offer him help but was directly chased out by her.

The woman left and looked at the tightly shut room door with an embarrassed look.

She was the dancer who was most doted on in Long Yue’s residence and had always been pampered by him most of the time. There was however, just an obstacle that she could not overcome.

That was his bath.

As the prince, Long Yue did not allow anyone to serve him while he was taking a bath. In fact, there was only him in the room. In the earlier years, before the woman had come to the residence, there was another favoured dancer who had acted on her own will. Relying on the pamper she had usually received, she pushed open the door when Long Yue was taking a bath. As a result, the woman died in the room and no one ever saw her trace again. Even her corpse was never found, and there was only a puddle of blood left in Long Yue’s room.

Ever since then, all the people in the residence never dared to cross the line again.

After hesitating for a while, the woman left Long Yue’s room in a well-behaved manner. However, she did not notice that there was a black figure flashing across above the room and hiding in the darkness.

In the room, Long Yue looked at the steaming bathtub and slowly removed his clothes.

After his clothes were taken off, his seemingly frail body in fact had a muscular figure that did not match his fair face. What was even more unbelievable was that there were many hideous scars left on his sturdy chest.

That scar looked like an old injury and had already recovered completely. However, just by looking, the interlaced scars already made people startled.

Long Yue took off his clothes and lifted his long legs into the bathtub. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the side of the bathtub. By lifting his head, it exposed the black necklace that was two fingers thick around his neck. Under the necklace, there was a light golden pendant dangling.

At this moment, Ji Fengyan, who had been standing quietly above the room, removed the roof tiles and saw everything underneath her.

The “pendant” around Long Yue’s neck directly entered her line of sight.

It was only a short instant, but it had made Ji Fengyan’s heart shake.

It was obviously the mark of a terminator that Long Yue was wearing around his neck!

The mark of an ordinary terminator was only silver. Up till now, Ji Fengyan had only seen one golden world-termination-armour mark and that mark belonged to the general of Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon Hu Na—that complacent demon who did not care about his soldiers’ lives at all.

But Ji Fengyan had completely not expected that there would be the same mark on Long Yue!