The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1156 - Second Prince (2)

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Chapter 1156: Second Prince (2)

Long Yue chuckled. His gaze suddenly landed on Ji Fengyan, and astonishment flashed across his eyes.

“Who is this?”

Long Xi replied calmly, “This is a friend of mine. She will be staying at my residence over the next few days.”

Long Yue surveyed Ji Fengyan with warm, yet sharp eyes. He smiled. “Friends of my brother are indeed extraordinary. I have never met a more beautiful girl. Brother, are you hiding my future sister-in-law?”

Long Xi blushed as he glanced awkwardly at Ji Fengyan.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Ji Fengyan didn’t display any response. She just continued looking at that “harmless” second prince with an amused smile.

“Your health is still weak and you should be recuperating. Don’t wander about too much.” Although Long Xi was not close to his brother, blood ties were still important to him and he remained concerned over Long Yue.

Ji Fengyan observed his behavior and discreetly shook her head. Nevertheless, she kept silent.

“Brother is ever so considerate. I am already much better these days,” Long Yue replied with a laugh, full of harmonious brotherly feelings towards Long Xi.

But this false pretense of harmony looked like a joke to Ji Fengyan.

The sudden appearance of Long Yue at Long Xi’s residence and his show of brotherly love—Ji Fengyan felt this was not just a coincidence.

This crafty second prince probably had something up his sleeve.

Ji Fengyan was just thinking of that when Long Yue suddenly sighed.

“Brother, I have come today to apologize.”

Long Xi gave a slight start. “Apologize?”

Long Yue nodded, his eyes full of frustration and bitterness.

“I heard that mother has not been well and I have been worried about her. I also heard that the Xinyue Auction House will be auctioning off a Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir and I wanted to get that for mother. However, I failed to do so. Losing the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir is my fault. I hope brother will forgive me.”

It stunned Long Xi. He never thought that Long Yue wanted the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir for their mother. Warmth surged into his heart as he opened his mouth to speak.

Having remained quiet all this while, Ji Fengyan suddenly interrupted Long Xi.

“Second Prince is so kindhearted, how could the Crown Prince blame you? Don’t worry so much.” Ji Fengyan grinned.

It was not strange for second prince Long Yue to know of the Sa Er Empress’ ill health.


Although Long Xi didn’t personally bid for the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir, the man who participated in the bidding was a guard from his residence. Anyone could see who that man represented.

But Long Yue had entered the bidding right at the last moment. It was obvious he was trying to mess things up.

If Long Yue had wanted that elixir for his mother, why would he purposely try to outbid the crown prince’s man?

His words were obviously said for Long Xi’s benefit.

And only because Long Xi missed this fine detail was he nearly tricked.

Long Yue thought he had managed to trick Long Xi into revealing he had the elixir, but was thwarted by that lovely girl standing at the side.

And after hearing Ji Fengyan’s words, Long Xi realized he better not reveal he had the elixir. He just said, “That’s right. Knowing you had such kind intentions is enough.”