The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1155 - Second Prince (1)

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Chapter 1155: Second Prince (1)

Long Yue’s face looked increasingly grim as he walked out of the Xinyue Auction House. His personal guard dared not say a single word.

After walking for a while, Long Yue suddenly stopped and looked at his guard. “Did you assign someone there?”

The guard replied quickly, “Don’t worry Second Prince, I have already assigned someone to stand guard at the entrance of the auction house’s private room. We will receive news the moment someone steps out from there.”

Long Yue gave a haughty laugh as a malevolent light flashed across his eyes.

The guard went numb with fear at that look.

After a short while, the man left behind at the Xinyue Auction House came hurrying over. He whispered something in Long Yue’s ear.

It was as if a layer of frost had descended over Long Yue’s face. A chilly smile played upon the corners of his lips. He then turned to his guard. “How long has it been since we last visited my brother?”

The guard was slightly taken aback. “Nearly half a year.”

Long Yue nodded. “The last time I met my brother was during my mother’s birthday. Never mind, he is my only brother after all. It’s about time I go visit him at his residence.”

The guard did not dare to express any surprise. He just followed Long Yue to Long Xi’s residence.

Meanwhile, Long Xi and Ji Fengyan left the Xinyue Auction House after taking hold of the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir. Strolling along the street, Long Xi asked Ji Fengyan if there was anywhere else she would like to visit. Ji Fengyan shook her head, and they made their way back to the residence.

Long Xi and Ji Fengyan had just returned when the guard by gate hurried over. He whispered in Long Xi’s ear. “Crown Prince, Second Prince has come. He is waiting for you in the main hall.”

“Why is he here?” Long Xi was slightly taken aback. A sense of foreboding rose in his heart.

Since Long Yue left the palace to recuperate, the brothers had seldom seen each other. All those years after Long Xi left the palace to stay alone, Long Yue had also never visited him then. Why had he suddenly come today?

Long Xi felt it could not be a coincidence. He instinctively looked down at the silk box containing the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir. He took out the elixir and hid it in his sleeve, before handing the silk box over to the guard to dispose of it.

Since Long Yue was already in the residence, he had no choice but to go meet him.

Ji Fengyan smiled in secret as she followed Long Xi.

An excellent show was about to begin.

The handsome Long Yue was sitting in a chair within the main hall, leisurely drinking a cup of tea. Hearing footsteps, he raised his head and saw the approaching Long Xi.

“Brother.” Long Yue stood up with an innocent smile at Long Xi.

“Long Yue, how did you find time to come today?” Long Xi gazed at this brother, who looked so familiar yet so strange.

Long Yue beamed. “What kind of question is that, brother? Are you implying that we are no longer brothers the moment we leave the palace? I have not been well and it is inconvenient for me to move around. That is why I could not visit you all these years since you left. I apologize if brother is unhappy with me for that.” Long Yue started to bow.

There was no way Long Xi could accept that, and he quickly reached out to Long Yue.

“No such thing. I am thrilled that you came.”