The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1150 - Xinyue Auction House (3)

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Chapter 1150: Xinyue Auction House (3)

“Who is that?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows and looked at the youthful man who was surrounded by everyone.

When Long Xi saw that youthful man, his brows could not help but frown. After a moment of silence, he said, “Second Prince, Long Yue.”

Ji Fengyan was slightly stunned, and her gaze switched back and forth between Long Xi and the Second Prince.

Long Xi and the Second Prince both had extremely handsome looks, but they looked nothing similar. Moreover, the aura that they exuded was also completely different, making it difficult to believe that they both of them were actually brothers.

“You seem to not like him?” Ji Fengyan acutely sensed a feeling of rejection from Long Xi’s gaze.

Long Xi did not expect Ji Fengyan to be this sharp in her observation and was slightly taken aback. Then, he laughed bitterly and said, “It’s neither like nor dislike. Even though we are brothers, we are not close. He has been weak since young. Father summoned many physicians, yet all of them could not help him. Afterwards, the nation’s grand tutor gave him a helping hand, allowing him to recover slowly. In fact, Long Yue moved out of the palace ever since he was ten-year-old and had been living at the grand tutor’s residence to recuperate…”

There was not a vast age difference between Long Yue and Long Xi. The two of them had been raised together in the palace when they were young and had played together. They were close with each other, but as Long Yue’s health deteriorated, Sa Er Emperor did not have a choice but to temporarily send Long Yue to the grand tutor’s residence so that he could recover. Ever since then, the brothers hardly met each other and had not even seen each other at all for a period of three consecutive years.

After some time, Long Yue became closer to the grand tutor and distanced from Long Xi. Now, they were almost like strangers.

Ji Fengyan could tell that there was a tinge of helplessness in Long Xi’s tone that he had pretended to remain calm with.

Probably in Long Xi’s heart, he still had some regrets for the younger brother who had slowly become distant from him?

Long Yue did not enter the suite and sat in the major area. There were quite a few officials surrounding him and all of them were at the side trying to serve him.

Long Yue’s health had not been well since young. As Sa Er Emperor felt sorry for him, he doted on him more. Compared to the decisive and strong Long Xi, Long Yue was more open-minded. Because of his health, he also received more love from the emperor. Even though he was not the next ruler, no one dared to look down on him.

The auction was about to begin, and the commotion in the auction house also subsided.

The auctioneer who was wearing elegant clothes walked up to the auction stage. As usual, he said some pleasantries, then announced the start of the auction.

The first to be presented on stage were expensive items. Those items were gorgeous yet mysterious, so they attracted many customers who were eager to bid for them. Very quickly, the atmosphere in the auction house became heated.

During that time, Long Yue bid for some items. He did not seem extremely interested as he was chatting often with the guards at the side.

Long Xi’s intentions were obviously not on the items, so he did not seem bothered. However, as they slowly won the items in a bid by others, Long Xi’s gaze started to become anxious.

When the auctioneer placed a cloth box onto the auction stage, Long Xi’s eyes immediately brightened.

The auctioneer slowly opened the cloth box in front of everyone.

In the cloth box, there was a white porcelain bottle that was palm sized big and it instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Ji Fengyan looked at that white porcelain bottle and thought that it looked familiar.

Why was it that she felt that this bottle was very alike to the little bottle that she had used to store her elixirs previously?