The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1149 - Xinyue Auction House (2)

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Chapter 1149: Xinyue Auction House (2)

There was nothing that you could not buy from Xinyue Auction House.

So long as one could afford, they would try all means to get whatever that you want. However, they would not easily complete the transaction with the person who needs it and would instead auction it.

Xinyue Auction House’s was not open to everyone. Only the rich and noble could enter it. However, they had top levels of privacy about their customer’s identity and information, so there was no difficulty for Long Xi to enter Xinyue Auction House. In fact, they had even prepared a suite specially for him.

“Since it is something that you want, why not directly ask for it from the auction house?” Ji Fengyan followed Long Xi into the suite. She looked at the crowd downstairs and could not help but ask out of curiosity.

Given Long Xi’s identity as a royal family member, wouldn’t it be unlikely for the auction house to not give him some face?

Why would he still need to go there himself?

Long Xi laughed softly and shook his head.

“If it was the case, it would have been best. But the rules of the auction house is just like this. Any item would be open for bidding during the auction and would not be secretly sold.”

“Oh?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly. “Who is the owner of the auction house? He acts so flamboyantly?”

The smile on Long Xi’s face gradually faded and his gaze turned to the auction stage downstairs. “On the surface, he is a rich businessman, but according to my secret investigation, this auction house should be related to the Divine Temple. If I am not wrong, this place should be under the control of the Divine Temple. Not only Xinyue Auction House, many auction houses in Sa Er are also in the hands of the Divine Temple. I believe the situation is also the same in other kingdoms.”

The influence of the Divine Temple over different kingdoms had far exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was completely impossible for one to realise that the holy and untouchable Divine Temple had already distributed their informers all over the world.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. “It seems like the Divine Temple has quite many worries about all the kingdoms.”

The grand tutors of powerful kingdoms were people from the Divine Temple, yet they had still planted so many informers in different kingdoms. Obviously, they had wanted to be in control of the actions of all the kingdoms at all times to prevent any of them from behaving out of their control.

The plot that the Heavenly Fiend Clan had was really great.

Long Xi did not know the actual identity of the Divine Temple, but after so many years, he could vaguely sense the strange behaviour of the nation’s grand tutor. As such, he had secretly investigated about the Divine Temple. He had been very cautious, so he had not been found out yet.

“Not only are they worried, it may even involve them in the rise and fall of certain kingdoms.”

The fight among nations seemed like a conflict of interests, but how much of these were actually instigated by the Divine Temple?

Long Xi was uncertain about the Divine Temple’s plan, but he could feel that it was unsafe.

Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly and looked at Long Xi. After interacting with so many royal family members, Long Xi was the only one who could sense the dangerous people lurking in the dark. No wonder even an indifferent person like Chi Tong would have such high praises for him. He was indeed really capable.

Being in a territory under the control of the Divine Temple, the two of them had good rapport and ended the conversation at an appropriate timing.

Right before the auction started, there was a wave of cheers in the auction house. A handsome looking and graceful young man clothed in noble clothes walked into the auction house with a crowd of guards around him. The surrounding nobles also approached closer when they saw the person’s appearance.