The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1148 - Xinyue Auction House (1)

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Chapter 1148: Xinyue Auction House (1)

The next morning, just as promised, Long Xi invited Ji Fengyan to tour around the capital city of Sa Er.

Ji Fengyan had been to the capital city of Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon and Kingdom of Fu Xiang in the past, but even with both of them added up, they were still not even half as large as the one in Kingdom of Sa Er.

The capital city of Sa Er occupied a huge area, and the height of the city was shockingly high. Just from the fact that there were never ending patrolling guards in the buildings, it could be seen how strong the city’s defense was. Moreover, there were cannons situated above every tower and aimed in all directions. In any unusual situation, the cannons would be launched without hesitation.

The Kingdom of Sa Er was a strong kingdom that even the Demon Clan did not dare to easily invade. Even though it only had slightly more than 1000 terminators, its boundary was the safest place among the different kingdoms.

When demons attack sometimes, they would be defeated in a short amount of time. The power of the Kingdom of Sa Er was also exhibited in other areas. Not only would Sa Er chase away any attacking demons, they would even summon their armies to pursue them until the hideout of the demons was completely destroyed.

Up to date, just the number of Demon King killed by the Kingdom of Sa Er could already add up to more than two digits.

Probably in the eyes of the demons, the presence of Sa Er was already the best of mankind.

With its strong military power, they had not just the stability of a kingdom, but also a rapid development.

In the capital city, they could find stores anywhere. The stores were all selling top quality and a huge variety of items. Jewelleries and other valuable items were common sight, and their quantity was so huge that it had exceeded the amount Ji Fengyan had ever seen before.

The common people were living in peace and stability. The nation was serving the people well, and the citizens were content.

If the disruption by the Divine Temple and the presence of terminators were excluded, one could say the Kingdom of Sa Er to be an extremely good kingdom.

Long Xi purposely disguised himself so that the people and so would not discover him to allow Ji Fengyan to freely appreciate everything in the capital city of Sa Er. However… Long Xi obviously forgot about something.

Even though his identity was hidden, Ji Fengyan’s attractive looking face had garnered much attention in the capital city. There would be countless eyes following her as though they had lost their souls wherever she left.

“I should have prepared a mask for you,” Long Xi sighed in resignation.

Ji Fengyan laughed. Her looks did not bother her.

As the two of them continued walking, a guard from the Eldest Prince’s residence secretly made his way through the crowd and walked to Long Xi’s side to say, “Your Highness, we have found what you are looking for. That item would be auctioned at Xinyue Auction House today. Do you want to head over for a look?”

Upon hearing this, Long Xi’s eyes were slightly stunned.

“I am heading over to an auction house, do you want to follow along?” he looked at Ji Fengyan and asked.

Ji Fengyan nodded slightly. She was also curious about the expensive items that would be auctioned in Sa Er’s auction house.

Immediately, Long Xi led Ji Fengyan to Xinyue Auction House, the largest auction house in the capital city of Sa Er.

Xinyue Auction House was one of the top auction houses in the Kingdom of Sa Er. The items auctioned were so many that it made people dazed. Most importantly of all, it had a vast group of capable bounty hunters that would collect various valuables from unfamiliar parts of the world to provide to the auction house.