The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1147 - Swindling A Tidy Sum Out of You (3)

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Chapter 1147: Swindling A Tidy Sum Out of You (3)

Long Xi was stunned. He stared in disbelief at Ji Fengyan, as he suddenly realized that this young girl was even more scary than he imagined.

“You are planning to make use of the Sacred Dragon Emperor’s appearance to, to cause Grand Tutor and him to…”

Ji Fengyan just gave a bland smile. “Since he has come all the way here, wouldn’t it be a pity if we don’t use him?”

The Sacred Dragon Emperor wanted to seek help to take her down? She would settle him and his reinforcements once and for all!

“But will Xing Hun even deign to meet the Sacred Dragon Emperor? Also… I am afraid it will not be so simple to set him up.” Long Xi was not as optimistic. It would be a monumental challenge to plot against Xing Hun. With his current lofty status as the Grand Tutor of the Kingdom of Sa Er, why would he bother about the ailing Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon?

“Don’t worry, I have my ways.” Ji Fengyan grinned.

Long Xi shook his head helplessly. Having just interacted with Ji Fengyan for a short while, he already felt that she was not someone whom any common person could keep up with.

“Never mind, you take a rest first. I will bring you around the capital city tomorrow morning if you have nothing on,” Long Xi said.

Ji Fengyan accepted his invitation and returned to her room to rest.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Dragon Emperor and prince had gathered together. The prince had remained silent just now as he felt inferior before Long Xi’s powerful aura. This sense of self-abasement was something he had never felt before.

“Father, are you really intending to give those three cities to the crown prince?” The Sacred Dragon Prince looked hesitantly at the Emperor. He held strong conflicting feelings towards Long Xi. It was as if, with Long Xi around, he had become all too aware of his own shortcomings.

The Sacred Dragon Emperor frowned and replied with some frustration. “I would not have agreed to that if there was any other way. You are aware of the current situation of our kingdom, there are dangers everywhere. It can only be a wonderful thing if we can get Grand Tutor Xing Hun’s help.”

Not only did the Sacred Dragon Emperor wish to take down Ji Fengyan, he also wanted to make use of Sa Er’s reputation to help the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon stand up again.

The Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon was in dire straits. Not only were they being attacked by demons, the other nations were also pressuring them. If the Kingdom of Sa Er was willing to help them go against Hua Xia, the other nations would not dare to hassle the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

After all, if the Kingdom of Sa Er helped the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon overthrow Hua Xia, then the relationship between the two kingdoms would have to be taken into serious consideration.

This was a last resort.

The prince’s face sank at the thought that he did not even have the guts to speak before Long Xi, even though they were both crown princes.

“If not for Ji Fengyan, would the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon be in such a state? She was the one who had forced our kingdom to this desperate stage. I will never let her off!” The Sacred Dragon Emperor looked increasingly sinister as he thought of Ji Fengyan.

Meanwhile, the prince remained silent. He dared not speak his thoughts.

In reality, if the Sacred Dragon Emperor had not insisted on badgering Ji Fengyan, would she have retaliated so?