The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1146 - Swindling A Tidy Sum Out of You (2)

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Chapter 1146: Swindling A Tidy Sum Out of You (2)

The Emperor immediately understood Ji Fengyan’s meaning. “No problem. If the crown prince wishes, we can offer Ji City to him. It is not a big place, but very rich in mineral resources.”

Ji City had always been resource-rich, but the former city lord had reported false numbers to play down the production levels. Ji Fengyan had uncovered the formerly hidden resources after taking over as the city lord.

Ji City had no new city lord after Ji Fengyan’s defection. Perhaps it was because the city used to be under Ji Fengyan, that was why the Emperor seemed to overlook its existence. Since this gorgeous girl mentioned it, he was naturally eager to give it away.

“I am afraid just one city is not enough?” Ji Fengyan grinned.

The Emperor’s face darkened. But thinking of the current state of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, he could only grit his teeth and reply, “There are two other outlying territories with abundant mineral resources. If the crown prince desires them, I shall willingly defer them to you.”

Without even saying a single word, Long Xi had somehow gained three cities. He breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Ji Fengyan’s satisfied expression.

“Since the Emperor is so sincere, I will lend a hand.”

With Long Xi’s promise, the Emperor was finally reassured.

Ji Fengyan hid a smile as she maintained a calm face. “The Grand Tutor and His Majesty have been in discussion the past few days. I am afraid you won’t be able to meet them so soon. Why don’t you stay here at the crown prince’s residence for the time being, while waiting for the Grand Tutor?”

There was no way the Emperor would reject that offer. He nodded hastily, in case Long Xi had second thoughts.

Seeing as Ji Fengyan was being so hospitable, he summoned his servants to tidy up two bedrooms for the Emperor and the prince.

The Emperor expresses his deepest gratitude to Long Xi and promised to arrange for him to take over the rights to those cities as soon as possible. He then followed the servants to his own quarters.

After waiting for them to leave, Long Xi immediately turned to Ji Fengyan. But before he could open his mouth, Ji Fengyan smiled. “Ji City will be mine. You can keep the other two as compensation.”

“…” Long Xi was speechless. He was the crown prince of the most powerful nation in the world, but had somehow entered into a barter trade with this young girl.

Nevertheless, Long Xi knew that the three cities given up by the Emperor were not bad. Due to his current dire straits, the Emperor probably had no choice but to give them up. However, the city that Ji Fengyan wanted was the smallest and most insignificant of the three.

“That city was formerly under me. Any issue with me taking it back?” Ji Fengyan asked with a grin. She seemed to have noticed Long Xi’s doubts.

Long Xi instantly understood Ji Fengyan’s thinking, but…

“Why did you have me agree to his request? Are you trying to fall into their hands?” The entire situation puzzled long Xi. The Emperor had come with the purpose of requesting for military support to capture Ji Fengyan—and she had just agreed to that.

“Are you intending to go against Grand Tutor Xing Hun?” Ji Fengyan asked in return.

“What have these two matters got to do with each other?” Long Xi was still muddled.

Ji Fengyan chuckled. “Your father trusts the Grand Tutor so much that your words would probably not mean as much as his. But if he knew that his much-revered Grand Tutor has something going on with another kingdom… would he still place as much trust on the Grand Tutor?”