The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1121 - Shameless King (3)

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Chapter 1121: Shameless King (3)

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“Mai… Maiya?” Fu Xiang Emperor looked at the young girl who was shaking like willow catkins and his expression instantly became complicated.

“Father… what she said… was it true? Mother… and me…” Maiya’s voice trembled so much that it was unbearable to the ears. She looked at the Fu Xiang Emperor helplessly and shimmering tears filled her eyes, as though she was hoping that whatever she had heard was a lie.

Fu Xiang Emperor frowned slightly and suddenly, he turned around to look at Ji Fengyan, who was sitting on the throne with a slight smile.

She had done it on purpose!

All these were all planned out by her!

“Ji Fengyan, what are you trying to do?” Fu Xiang Emperor’s brows were tightly furrowed. He completely did not know what Ji Fengyan was trying to do.

Ji Fengyan smiled gently and said, “I’m not trying to do anything. Didn’t the Kingdom of Fu Xiang declare war on Hua Xia just because of this princess? Since this matter was all because of her, naturally I have to understand it fully.”

Fu Xiang Emperor gritted his teeth. He did not want to go through the near-death experience he had another time. Ji Fengyan was also very sure that he had realised that if she had wanted to kill him, he would not have any ability to retaliate.

Not only was the entrance to the palace sealed tightly by the ancient dragon, even if it was not sealed with the ancient dragon outside, it was difficult for his guards to enter the palace at all.

Fu Xiang Emperor was in a dilemma and still could not forsake his safety. He turned around to look at his daughter, whom he had doted on for more than 10 years. However, there was no longer any warmth left in his gaze.


Maiya was slightly taken aback. She had never heard her father using such a foreign tone to call out her name.

“Do you know how much I hated you?” Fu Xiang Emperor’s voice did not have any emotions and was as cold as ice.

“You look exactly like your mother and do you know how much I hated this face?” Fu Xiang Emperor’s eyes flashed with a vicious look. In order to maintain his image, he pretended to be faithful for over 20 years. Every day, he had to look at a face that made him disgusted and it already filled him with detest for it.

“Fa… Father…” Maiya’s body shook so hard that it almost could not stand. She could not believe that the father who had doted on her for more than 10 years had actually said such cruel words to her.

“Why, why do you have to treat me like this? Mother…” Beads of tears rolled down Maiya’s face and her heart that had been warmed by the 10 years of memories had become torn and crushed by her father’s words, then thrown into an ice cave.

Fu Xiang Emperor did not look at Maiya anymore and turned towards Ji Fengyan.

“Great Empress, I am sorry for Fu Xiang’s past actions. I will give up my money and jewels to resolve the past misunderstanding. If you want to keep Maiya, you can just do so. I will just treat her as dead.”

Maiya stood at the side with despair. As she looked at Fu Xiang Emperor’s cruel and heartless back, the back that had sheltered her from everything in her memory crumbled slowly.

Ji Fengyan watched silently, and after a while, she smiled slightly and said. “I don’t dare to keep Maiya.”

Fu Xiang Emperor’s eyes flashed with happiness.

But… Ji Fengyan continued, “She is the ruler of Fu Xiang, how could I keep her in Hua Xia?”

Ji Fengyan’s words made Fu Xiang Emperor slightly stunned. Before he could understand her words, the ancient dragon that had blocked the entrance to the palace suddenly stepped back and lifted his front claws to throw some people into the palace!