The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 1120 - Shameless King (2)

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Chapter 1120: Shameless King (2)

In the Kingdom of Fu Xiang, the Fu Xiang Emperor was a figure that everyone respected highly. His citizens were filled with reverence for him, be it because of his status or his morals. Moreover, for so many years, he had been faithful to only the Queen, so he had such a great reputation that no one could achieve.

However, no one knew that the perfection that the Fu Xiang Emperor had displayed was only a pretense.

The Kingdom of Fu Xiang was weak in power and Fu Xiang Emperor knew that in order to survive among the other kingdoms, they needed to have a strong cohesion, so he purposely created an image of a compassionate king who was well-respected by his people.

But the truth was, the Fu Xiang Emperor had never been this generous and good-natured like he had pretended to be.

He had already been sick of the gentle and kind Empress, but because of his image among the citizens, he could only suppress his detest for her. In addition, to create his faithful image, he directly crowned the daughter he had with the Empress, Maiya, as the next in line to the throne of Fu Xiang.


Fu Xiang Emperor had detested this weak daughter of his right of the start and had never wanted to hand over the Kingdom of Fu Xiang to her.

After knowing Ruan Quer and being enchanted by her bewitching looks, it gradually drew out the evil intentions that were suppressed within him. Before he left, he had already made an agreement with Ruan Quer’s father to send her to Fu Xiang for marriage.

And the Fu Xiang Emperor’s rejection was only a show put up for his people and the Empress. He had already expected that given the Empress’s understanding nature, she would not allow him to form bad relations with other kingdoms, so he could accept Ruan Quer naturally.

After Ruan Quer entered the palace as a concubine, the Fu Xiang Emperor poisoned the Empress’s food. After the Empress died of illness, his daughter whom he had appointed as the next ruler also became an eyesore to him.

After Ruan Quer gave birth to a prince, the Fu Xiang Emperor completely gave up on his daughter and collaborated with Ruan Quer to make her a criminal for trying to kill her father.

In order for the Fu Xiang Emperor to maintain his image of being a compassionate king, he shifted all the blame for his evil actions onto another person. So long as Maiya had the offence of killing her father, without Fu Xiang Emperor saying anything, the commoners would also request to change the next ruler.

And all these were part of the Fu Xiang Emperor’s scheme.

It was uncertain whether it frightened her out of her wits or because of other reasons, but Ruan Quer had actually revealed everything.

After Ji Fengyan heard Ruan Quer’s discontinuous explanation, there was no longer any warmth left in her eyes. Suddenly, she withdrew the vital energy that was clasping around the Fu Xiang Emperor’s neck.

The Fu Xiang Emperor fell to the cold hard ground in the palace after losing his support and coughed without stopping, as though he would cough out his heart and lungs.

“Did you hear clearly?” Suddenly, Ji Fengyan spoke.

Fu Xiang Emperor and Ruan Quer did not understand what was going on when a petite figure slowly entered the palace from behind the ancient dragon.

And when the Fu Xiang Emperor saw the person, it suddenly filled his sanctimonious face with shock.

“Father…” Maiya stood in front of the Fu Xiang Emperor, trembling. Her gentle and beautiful face was already tear-stricken. She looked in disbelief at the man that she had trusted the most in her life, as she could not believe what she had heard.

Fu Xiang Emperor had never expected Maiya to appear there, and his face turned extremely unpleasant.